Living & Working On Purpose TeleRetreat Half Full

We're two weeks out from the start of the TeleRetreat and about half the
available slots are already taken, and we've added a new feature that I feel
will make it even more value and engaging.

Not only will we be conducting the TeleRetreat by telephone conferencing as
we've conducted our programs for over 10 years, but this time we'll be
online as a DimDim webinar.

The webinar will make it possible for you to also see the facilitators,
that's Ann and me, as well supplementing the conversation with Power Point
slides, and a whiteboard for drawing, just like in a real seminar, but
without all the extra travel and costs.

Why One of the Remaining Slots Might Have Your Name on It
Okay, that's all well and good, but why might you want to reserve the
December 4-6 weekend for such an event?

Simple — This program is for you if you:

*  Aren't living a passion-filled and purposeful life.
*  Realize that life has much more to offer than you're currently
*  Are in the midst of some significant transition period such as moving
into retirement, going through a divorce or separation, changing careers,
etc. and you realize knowing your life purpose more clearly would help you
make wiser decisions and choices.
*  Are feeling overwhelmed by your current life but can't figure out how to
slow down or make sense of it all.
*  Feel stressed out by all the fearful things happening in the world today.

So, take a look and a read to see if one of our virtual seats has your name
on it.

Pay What You Can & Feel it's Worth

Attend the weekend without any need to pay up front, and afterwards

determine what you feel the retreat was worth to you.  No pressure and no
gimmick — promise. Why not invite a friend to be your buddy and get even
more out of the experience?