Marianne Williamson on the Occupy Wall Street Movement

Every now and then I find something on the internet that strikes a strong chord. This happened most recently when one our Life On Purpose Coaches posted the following video on Facebook. Now, I admit to being a ‘fan’ of Marianne Williamson –  a fandom birthed back in the late 90s when I interviewed her for a series of Project Purpose magazine articles. (see below for a pdf of one of those you can download). She’d recently written The Healing of America, a book that I believe is still very timely in today’s economic and political climate.

So, despite my tendency to shy away from YouTube videos that last longer than 15-minutes, I decided to give this one a try.  I’m very thankful that I did for it has helped open a channel of thinking that I’ve been unconsciously (and sometime consciously) avoiding for too long.  I think I can best articulate it with a question that emerged as I watched the video:

What is the possibility of politics taken from a spiritually based Life On Purpose Perspective?

More on that in the coming days, weeks and months.  For now, let me just share my insight that has prompted this exploration.  In today’s time, politics is simply too important and has too much of a impact on everyone’s life to continue to ignore it, or for me personally to stick my head in the sand about it. As Marianne points out in the video, it’s time — maybe well past time — for a major course correction.  The Occupy Wall Street Movement is such a course correction. One that I intend to explore from the Life On Purpose Perspective, including creating the distinction of Purposeful Politics.

So, please, give the video a try. Watch and listen to the first 15-minutes and if you find something resonating with your soul and spirit, watch the rest of it as well. Then, let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below. What do you think of the Occupy Wall Street Movement? Do you consider yourself part of the Movement? Is it helping or hindering our country? What major points from the video resonated with you?


You can download the article, Marianne Williamson Article.