Mastermind Member #3 – Judy Murdoch

Imagine having a person in your corner who loves to help you make available your wisdom and expertise — those services you love to provide — to others in a way that they will love them as well.
Well, that's Judy's passion — my third mastermind member:

Judy Murdoch of Highly Contagious Marketing has over 20 years in the advertising and consumer products marketing, and brings a wealth of business development experience and know-how to Highly Contagious Marketing.

Judy has worked with a diverse roster of companies from Fortune 500 to four-person entrepreneurial ventures. Former employers and clients include Helene Curtis, Foote, Cone and Belding, Abbott Labs, General Motors, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Manugistics, and NICE to name just a few.

After flirting with various careers such as technical writing, graphic design, and life coaching, Judy returned to doing what she most enjoys: working with smart, innovative business owners who are creating and marketing great products and services so that they can reach customers who need those products and services and profit handsomely for doing so.

Inspired by coach Thomas J. Leonard, Judy most enjoys working with clients who “want to play a bigger game,” who see their work not just as a way to make money but as a way to sustainable advancement.

As the name suggests, Highly Contagious Marketing is all about helping
clients develop what is popularly referred to as “viral marketing:”
marketing that is so memorable and intriguing that people can’t help
but tell others about what they’ve seen and heard.