On Monday morning, Ann and I resumed our “Creating 2008” conversation, a ritual we’ve continued this time of the year for over a decade as we complete on the year about to pass and create our intentions for the New Year. Just prior to that I’d received an email from a life purpose colleague, Derek Felton, that included web organizations that are making a difference in the world. One particular caught my attention: It said:

Kiva – A site for international micro investing. See in some parts of this world the dollar is still worth alot and a small amount can go quite a long way to change a persons life. On the site you will see folks from all over the globe looking for small bits of help to finance a new washing machine or cart or seeds for crops. Loans can be made for as little as $25. Visit them at http://www.kiva.org.

So, as Ann and I talked about how grateful we were for our wonderful life, and how we really didn’t want more ‘stuff’ for Christmas — if anything we wanted to simplify further so we could contribute more to others, Kiva.org came to mind.

You see, I’ve dreamed of one day — when I “became wealthy”– of being a philanthropist/angel investor. As Ann and I talked I realized that, by much of the world’s standards, I’ve been wealthy for years.

It felt like it was time to stop dreaming and start giving. Thanks to Kiva.org my family and I can do just that — and so can you if you’re so inclined.

We started this week by investing in a recycling business in Peru, started by Kely Aurora Diaz Neyra, a mother of 3 children who is operating the business from her home.


Here’s Kely with some of her ‘recyclables’

And here’s what I wrote earlier in the day:

Take a look at this passionate entrepreneur and perhaps you’ll be guided to become one of her investors as well. So far, others who are investing in Kely’s dream come from such areas as Tokyo, Brussels Belgium, Surrey British Columbia, and of course, Flat Rock NC.

But you’ll need to hurry because Kiva.org has become very popular recently and many others from around the world are using their organization to help redistribute the wealth a bit.

But later on the same day, I checked my portfolio and learned that Kely had already obtained her full loan of $950 from 38 ‘investors’ from all over the world at $25 a piece.

Want to make a difference in the world by helping another entrepreneur to get a leg up with their business? Check out Kiva.org