More Than One Calling?

We had a set of interesting questions come in from one of our readers
recently, so I wanted to share it along with my response:

Is it possible that in living a life of purpose you could have more than
one calling so to say? What I mean is this – I have felt for quite some time
that there is this one thing that I need to do and I keep putting it off and
pushing it aside and it keeps coming forward and tapping me on the shoulder, “remember me?”.

Here’s my take on this question from a “Life On Purpose Perspective.” We
have one Divinely Inspired Life Purpose at any one time, and we may have several different major ways in which we choose to express that purpose.

Remember, the Life On Purpose Perspective says that a life purpose is the
context, vessel or container into which you pour your life. It’s who you
are as a spiritual being and what you came here to be and to experience.

In other words, it’s more about who you are that then has the power to shape each and every moment of your life. For example, my life purpose is to live an inspired and inspiring life of purposeful, passionate, and playful
service; a life of mindful abundance balanced with simplicity; and a life of
spiritual serenity.

And the more of my life I pour into this context, the more of my life
becomes ways in which I express this purpose. So, I express it as a Life On Purpose Coach, but I also express it as a father, spouse, and even as a volleyball player at the Y on Monday nights.

Next Question:

“There are actually three areas but they all deal with the same field of
work…” and that ” The areas are in becoming a certified Personal Trainer
and Nutritionist along with becoming a Life Coach to help people break
through their fears, their barriers, their anger and become the best they
can be, in health and overall. Our society is the heaviest it has ever been
and it is sad to see some people as heavy as they are and hardly able to
move. But, is it possible to have several things like that, that you feel
you are supposed to do?”

Ok, great things you could DO to make a difference in the world, and to
express your true purpose. Just remember, your life purpose is about who
you are — who you BE, and I’m not sure what that true purpose is at this
point. Are you?

The more you can clarify what that purpose is, the more you will be able to tap into a wellspring of passion and enthusiasm that you can use to fuel these expressions of your purpose, and will also help you stay in action when you bump up against obstacles that may challenge you along the way.

And then, there is this last point raised:

“My husband, also one of my greatest challenges to living a life on purpose, thinks I am crazy, which may be another reason I keep pushing it aside. My husband says I can not make a difference, it is up to them and their decisions and the doctors but I think he is wrong.”

And presto, here’s one of your first obstacles, right in your own family.
People will often be skeptical or resigned about your dreams, and yet the
more you’re clear of your purpose, your reason for being here on planet
earth, the more you are able to give people like your husband room to have their opinions and nay saying without your becoming enrolled in it or bumped off course.