My Bold & Outrageous Purpose Project -Input Please

I want to share my bold and outrageous Purpose Project for next year with

To bring clarity of purpose to at least 150 people’s lives in 2006

And as these lives are being transformed through the power of purpose we’ll
also create a place where people can come together with other like-minded
and like-spirited people to receive inspiration and support in living an
outrageously self expressed and unconventional life — a life on purpose.

My plan is to accomplish this through an interactive membership site and I
value your input and ideas to make such a ‘virtual community’ work for you
because you may be one of the people involved in making this project

From my 17 years of experience as a life coach I’ve found that one of the
most life enhancing and transformational points in a person’s life is when
they finally, once and for all, gain crystal clarity about their true,
divinely inspired life purpose, and commit to living their life in alignment
with it. To gain this crystal clarity involves:

1) Accurately determining where they presently are in their life (how on or
off purpose), and becoming really clear about what a life on purpose would
be like for them.
2) Shifting their perspective on what a life purpose is to one that is
holistic in nature and encompasses all of their life.
3) Uncovering very specifically what has been shaping their life and
preventing them from living a purposeful and passionate life. (We call this
the Inherited Purpose.)
4) Having a proven process for bringing crystal clarity to their life
5) Having a set of simple yet powerful tools for designing and living true
to their divinely inspired purpose.
6) Becoming masterful with the use of these tools.

So with the membership site it is my intention to make available the Life On
Purpose Process — a proven, systematic, spiritually based process that
addresses each of these challenges at a very affordable price.

The elements that I envision including in the membership are:

Member Benefit #1 – 24/7 access to the Life On Purpose Process ONLINE
Program ($229 value) that will allow members to guide themselves through the
Life On Purpose Process that has already assisted thousands of people to
clarify their life purpose and live true to it.

Member Benefit #2 Monthly, new member orientation calls including a guided
tour of the membership site. that will jumpstart new members into receiving
the most value from their membership.

Member Benefit #3 Monthly, live, interactive group coaching that will
provide members with the opportunity to receive catalytic coaching from the
person who created the Life On Purpose Process and has coached hundreds of
people through the Process. These group sessions will allow you to move
smoothly and easily through the Process for optimum results. FYI, my
regular 1-on-1 coaching fees now run up to $750 per month. so this really is
one of the most economical and effective ways to enhance your life through

Member Benefit #4 NEED NAME FOR THESE CALLS (Purpose Pod Telegatherings?)
Monthly, live, interactive telegatherings addressing specific aspects of
living on purpose. Likely topics include:

~ Creating & Maintaining Purposeful Partnerships
~ Pitfalls of not knowing your Inherited Purpose & How to Overcome Them
~ Books on Purpose – Reviews and Discussions of books related to living on
~ Power Pivoting — What it Is and How to Use it to Enhance Life
~ Businesses On Purpose — How to Build a Business that is an Expression of
Your Purpose

Member Benefit #5. A growing online archive of recorded teleclasses making
it possible to listen to a class if you can’t make the live one or want
listen to it again later so you can integrate more of the content into your

Member Benefit #6. Special “members only” discounts on other Life On Purpose
products (books, e-books, e-courses) teleclass programs, services and

Member Benefit #7 Special online article archive of some of the most
inspiring and instructive articles.

Member Benefit #8 Living On Purpose Members Only Bulletin: What’s this?
As a member, you’ll get access to regular email bulletins including new
lessons and updates to help you understand and implement the many facets of
the Life On Purpose Process for maximum life enhancement. And Life On
Purpose organizes all bulletins in a special Members-Only Website, so you
never have to waste time searching through your in-box for bulletins.

Because this site is launching soon (within a few weeks) I’d love to get
your feedback:

* Would a site like this be of interest to you? If so at what level? Please
rate from 1 -10 (1= low, 5 medium, 10 high)

* What price would you consider great value? Give a range if you like of
what you feel a monthly fee would make this a good to great value.

* Have I missed anything that you would like me to consider in the
membership that would assist you in living a more meaningful and purposeful

Feedback would be most welcome!
Send your comments to, and it will be my pleasure to
send you a special thank you gift, our newest Purposeful Report: How to Use
the Universal Laws to Purposefully Create Your Life.

Thanks everyone! I look forward to hearing your comments.

Simply and purposefully,
Dr. W. Bradford Swift,
Founder & Chief Visionary Officer, Life On Purpose Institute