My Day(s) in Court

Well, after 56 years on the planet and 11 years here in Flat Rock, NC, I’ve finally been called to serve on jury duty. It all began about 2 weeks ago with my receiving a postcard alerting me that I would need to call on Wednesday, July 6, to find out whether I’d actually need to report to the court house or not. I called and I do.

While it means taking a day from work, which throws a bit of a monkey wrench into my schedule, I figure it’s still an opportunity to serve my country and live my life on purpose. Of course, if I find out a need to serve on a long, drawn out court case, I may be singing a different tune by the next time I make a blog entry, but we’ll see.

Stay posted. I may be able to break some info on the Flat Rock version of the OJ case.