My Mastermind Group – Meet Lisa Hunter

It's been over 14 years since Ann and I started our first mastermind group the group where we received such important support in bringing Life On Purpose Institute into existence. Although we haven't met with that group for well over 10 years, I've often wished I had such support again. I guess that's why when my coach, Mark Silvers of Heart of Business, invited me to join the Path to Profitability Program that would include a mastermind group of 3 other entrepreneurs, I jumped at the chance, and I'm so glad that I did.

If you've been reading this blog over the past week or so, you know I just attended a 5 day retreat in Portland with a group of 13 participants including the 4 of us masterminders. It's been a great experience finally meeting my group members face-to-face. I feel like these connections will continue long after the official ending date of the program.
So, it seems only fair and befitting that I introduce my mastermind buddies to you.

Meet Lisa Hunter

This go around, I'll start with Lisa Hunter of Lisa's particular expertise with spirited, go-getting women comes from being one herself! In her previous business, she was a performing singer-songwriter with her own touring and recording company. 

Ironically, at the height of her singer-songwriter career which was all about supporting women to take care of themselves, she hit a devastating point of burnout. She had been coming from a "work-hard-make-it-happen" approach for years, and had to make a crucial choice: to keep honoring her passionately-driven nature, but to learn to do so in a way that would fuel her rather than drain her.
All in all, Lisa has been supporting women in the realm of emotional, physical and spiritual health since 1995.

I heard Lisa sing at the 'no talent' contest the last night of the Path to Profitability retreat. Luckily, she sang last because if she'd sung first, no one else would have wanted to follow her. She has amazing talent and a heart-felt talent.

Ok, next time, I'll introduce you to a heart-centered accountant who runs a business I believe every entrepreneur should know about. Her name is Jessica Reagan Salzman, and she helps entrepreneurs turn their bookkeeping problems into profits.