… with Creating an On Purpose Pattern and a Purposeful Pact

Ok, I’ve been avoiding continuing this saga of my intended breakthrough around money and finance long enough. After all, we’re already well into August, and I’d intended to be practicing a new On Purpose Pattern and Pact by now.

So, here’s what I’ve come up with. The place I found to stand in creating a new pattern was right in the middle of my Divinely Inspired Life Purpose Statement: “a life of mindful abundance, balanced with simplicity.” When I reflect on money and finance from there, here’s the divinely inspired relationship to money I’m creating:

“Money is simply one form of the infinitely abundant resources available to all of us that is readily available to assist us in the expression and fulfillment of our live purpose.”

And the On Purpose Pattern that I am making a Purposeful Pact to practice for the next 30 days is

1. When I first become conscious in the morning, I will lie in bed for no more than 10-minutes and while lying there I will give thanks for the opportunity to live a co-created and inspired life of purposeful, passionate, and playful service, a life of mindful abundance balanced with simplicity, and spiritual serenity. I will then ‘count my blessings’ of what I am grateful for, and then arise from bed.

(If you’re wondering the reason behind this practice, I’ve noticed that in the past, I’ve indulged my Inherited Purpose by lying in bed worrying and coming from fear and lack.)

2. Throughout the day, whenever I feel the tightness in my chest that often accompanies the lack consciousness of the Inherited Purpose taking over, or I notice lack-based thoughts, I will strive to pivot through those thoughts and emotions within 10-minutes (max), and during that time will refrain from allowing any of that Inherited Purpose based ‘stuff’ from escaping from my mouth.

I do solemnly and joyfully swear to make every effort to keep this Purposeful Pact for the next 30-days, starting on August 10 and running through until September 9th. I also commit to sharing with my family and through my ezine and blog, my progress, my insights and any results I notice.

Ok, there you have it. Anyone care to join me in their own Purposeful Pact for the next 30-days. Of course, it doesn’t have to be related to money. Pick something in your own life that you’re ready to transform, and share it with me and the world RIGHT HERE.