Nanice Ellis On Exceptional Wisdom Radio

One of my most fun ways of expressing my life purpose and well as sharing the vision of Life On Purpose Institute this past year has been through the Living & Working On Purpose radio show that airs each Wednesday at 5 pm Eastern time on the Exceptional Wisdom Radio channel.

And yet, I've not share much about it here, which I plan to change…right now.  This past week's guest was Nanice Ellis.  Let me introduce you to her:

Pic_bio_nanice_ellisA powerful speaker, author and intuitive counselor and coach, Nanice
Ellis is a master at turning challenges into triumphs. Through her
wisdom, enthusiasm and unbelievable positive energy, Nanice creates
significant, life-altering transformation in a safe and compassionate
environment of unconditional acceptance and support.

understands that only in the face of fear, can we discover courage, and
only when we feel most lost can we finally find our way home. In this
truth she has found her sole purpose – to help others find their way
through the darkness into the light, creating a safe space for
virtually anyone to look deep within themselves and discover their own
truths while tapping into their unlimited potential. Because of her
unwavering love and compassion, others gravitate to Nanice for
acceptance and support, trusting her to share in their journeys toward
unconditional self acceptance.

To listen to this engaging conversation go to Exceptional Wisdom Radio.