Network Marketing & the Internet – An Idea whose Time has Come

I realize it may appear “unusual” that I, Mr. Life On Purpose, have become interested in a network marketing company – iJango.  After all, isn’t network marketing all about taking advantage of your close relationships purely for the money you can make on them?  Well, I know that’s how some people relate to it, and for years that included me, but I also know that old beliefs that don’t empower people and enhance life need to be periodically reviewed and updat

And since I’ve been engaged in the Purposeful Prosperity work (Yes, I take myself through my own programs <G>), I’ve been focused on upgrading many of my old ‘misbeliefs’ related to money and finance, and it’s that review process that has led me to be open to this new idea when it came to me in an email.

Let me lay out how I see iJango and why I feel it has merit, especially for other purposeful people who desire to raise fund for their purpose projects.  I invite you to try this perspective on to see what resonates for you. Yes, it is ‘multi-level marketing', or as I prefer the term ‘network marketing,’ which is distinct from a ‘pyramid scheme’ which is illegal.  These are easily confused by many people.  A pyramid scheme has no real product or service except the marketing itself so people lose out in the end.

A legitimate network marketing business has at least one real product and/or service that the company had decided to market through this approach, so network marketing is simply one marketing approach that a business may choose, as has iJango.  While I recognize that not everyone is comfortable with this form of marketing, it has been instrumental in bringing many fine products and services to us through the years, and allowed many people to form their own profitable enterprises with very little start up costs.

iJango's Product – Giving Away a Valuable Tool for Organizing your Internet Experience

Here’s why I am comfortable with network marketing, especially with this one that brings network marketing together with the internet in a unique way.  The product/service that iJango is offering through this approach is a ‘web portal.’  — a web site that is used as a home page where you set up for your browser to go whenever it’s first opened or when you click on the home page button.  And while there are other web portals out there — the most common/popular are iGoogle, yahoo, MSN, AOL, and the older excite — none of them are state of the art, which is what iJango envisions — a fully customizable site where you can put everything you do on the internet all at your finger tips. 

Are you into twitter? You can add it to your web portal and twitter straight form your iJango web portal.  How about Facebook?  Add that as well?  Like to download music to your computer and iPod?  Do so right from your portal, along with a whole bunch of other shopping options.  The list of what you can add is already long and will only grow with time.

Why I Love the Idea of Combining Network Marketing with the internet:

The web portal is a very useful, valuable product that everyone who uses the internet can enjoy and benefit from because it helps them organize their most common activities all in one place.
iJango isn’t selling it.  It’s asking its ‘reps’ to give it away to people, so there’s no ‘stocking up on inventory,’ (and yes, Ann and I have done that in the past with other network marketing companies and it’s no fun) but in this case the “inventory” is the web portal/home page.  And there’s really no selling ‘cause you’re giving it away to people you know who you feel could benefit.

So how does anyone make money with this? How can this help fund a person’s purpose projects?  Well, because many of the activities that will be done through the web portal …those same things that people are already doing (and already paying for)…have a small charge that will go to iJango and its reps.  You buy a song and download it…you click on a search listing that someone else is paying for you to click on (through adwords, etc. ) you buy a book through Amazon or B&N, you list and sell something on eBay, etc.

All these and more are already being done by people, millions, even billions times a day.  This is how Google has a revenue cap of over 120 billion.  So, each person that you give the web portal to becomes one of your ‘customers,’ and you get credited for their internet activity.

It’s a little (but not a lot) like the cell phone business.  What’s similar is that the cell phone companies are willing to give you the cell phone in exchange for you agreeing to pay for their service.  What’s different in this case, is that the people you give the iJango web portal to to use, are already doing the things online that they’ll do through the portal.  It’s just that their online experience will be much better organized and easier for them to use.

And when some of those people use the web portal and fall in love with it, I believe they’ll come back to the person who gave it to them and ask, “how are you making money at this?”  They may or may not become a rep as well, but again it’s no real selling…it’s legitimately helping them to discern if this is an opportunity for them to fund their own purpose projects.

And I want to be one of those people, and I also want to support other purposeful people to use this way to fund their personal purpose projects IF they feel called to do so. If this sounds interesting and you're an early adopter with an entrepreneurial spirit and a few passion-filled Purpose Projects that could use some funding, start by watching the two videos you'll find on the iJango Page.  The second one is under PRE-LAUNCH SITE TOUR at the bottom of the page. If you have questions or want to talk to me send me an email to or call (828) 697-9239.

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