One of the Sweet(est) Spots of a Life On Purpose

As an owner of a small business that offers a somewhat unique package of products and services, I've invested a good deal of time, energy and money to learn everything I can about marketing.

One of the 'cardinal rules' that I've heard over and over is to focus on the 'problems and pain' that your target audience is coming to you to help solve and heal. 

Okay, I get the importance of this.  We live in a world with a lot of problems and for sure there's plenty of pain that needs healing, and I do believe helping people to clarify their true life purpose is one of the greatest ways to help people with those problems and pain.

But for today I'm going to break that cardinal rule, for today's article is about a possibility that becomes available with that clarity of purpose. 

So, please join me as we look at one of the 'sweet spots' — maybe one of the sweetest spots of a life on purpose. 

LIVING ON PURPOSE: One of the Sweet(est) Spots of a Life On Purpose

Recently Ann reconnected with one of her past clients who wanted to resume a coaching relationship because she'd found herself drifting a bit off purpose in her life and wanted the support to get back on track.

After the conversation, Ann shared with me how excited she was to resume the relationship with this client, then added, "It also feels good because I can use some of the money I earn to help Amber with her singing lessons, and that feels really good too."

As we continued to talk about it, I realized that we'd distinguished one of the 'sweet spots' of living a life on purpose.  It goes something like this:

When you're doing something that you love and that is aligned with your life purpose that also helps and contributes to another who is then happy to pay you well for the service which then allows you to help another loved one (including yourself) to do something that they really love and that is aligned with their purpose.

Does it get any better than that?

Ann loves to coach people, especially creative women who want to make a real difference in the world but who sometime find themselves stuck and frustrated…and she's darn good at it as well. I know, I've heard some of the coaching sessions. 

Her clients really love her for the difference she makes with them, so they happily pay her for her services, which then allows her to turn around, and in this instance help our daughter, Amber, pursue her dream of being on Broadway in musical theatre by helping her with singing lessons.

So, how do we get to the point in life where we can regularly tap into such a sweet spot? Good question — glad I asked it. Now, let's see if I can answer it, or at least shed some light on it.

Finding the Access to the Sweet Spot on Facebook
I've recently become a fan of Facebook. I love being able to reconnect with old friends and colleagues, as well as make new friends. 

Recently, I viewed a YouTube video that my spiritual center posted on Facebook of Mark Waldman's talk at T.E.D. on how meditating on big ideas will change your brain — will actually change the anatomy and physiology of your brain in positive ways.

So, what does this have to do with finding this sweet spot in life?  Waldman went on to share a powerful questions to engage in that will both help you change your brain in positive ways and help you access this sweet spot.

The question:  What is your deepest, innermost value?

Pondering upon this question will begin to change your brain, which will change your thoughts and your emotional state, which will begin to change your outlook on life and your experience of life.

Answering the question and then pondering upon the answer will make an even greater difference.  It might even lead to answering what I consider to be the greatest question of all  — Why are you here?  What is your life purpose?

How Does This Question Lead to Earning a Living Doing What You Love?
From this week's teleclass on The Role of Purpose in Healing Ourselves and the World, I received this follow up question: "What’s your view on money and making a living – How does money fit into your process eg “live your purpose and the money will follow…”

I believe the idea of 'do what you love and the money will follow' is a bit simplistic in this day and time, but we may be closer to the truth with:

"Be who you came here to be (i.e. Your Divinely Inspired Purpose), then do what is a pure and natural expression of that purpose that will serve and contribute to others, and then whether the money follows or not, you will have lived a life that mattered, and will have few if any regrets."

There's a lot to learn about the practical aspects of creating a profitable enterprise that reflects your true purpose and serves others. Those practical aspects can be learned and will help greatly in allowing the flow of money to come into your 'business on purpose.'

But I've seen and worked with many people who have become masterful at these 'money making principles' and have earned millions of dollars…and yet, were still miserable and unsatisfied because what was missing was the sweet spot of knowing their purpose and living true to it.

I invite you to ponder these ideas with me this week, and share your thoughts right here on the blog.