Online Personal Development Guru Endorses Virtual Video Coach

The vision of Life On Purpose to be a catalyst for creating a world on purpose has had a major boost with the recent positive review about the Life On Purpose Virtual Video Coach by personal development gura, Steve Pavlina who wrote (among other things):

I was already familiar with Brad’s work because I reviewed his book Life on Purpose: Six Passages to an Inspired Life in 2007, and we’ve kept in touch over the years. Life on Purpose is simply the best book on life purpose I’ve ever read, and it deserves the rare honor of maintaining a solid 5-star average rating on

Brad’s new program is called the Life on Purpose Virtual Video Coach. It’s an online video-based course where Brad personally guides you through his 6-step Life on Purpose process one lesson at a time. All the videos can be streamed online, and the course includes a PDF workbook and some bonus material.

I went through the entire program in May, and I loved it. I had to chuckle at the synchronicity because this was essentially the product I was trying to create. My ideas and processes were different of course, but the end benefits would be the same — to help you bring a clear sense of purpose to your life and to fully ground it in your daily actions, so that you’re truly living on purpose.

If you’d like to know what Steve is raving about, take a look for yourself at the Life On Purpose Virtual Video Coach program.  It may be the perfect way you can bring a deeper experience of purpose and meaning to your life.