Permission Granted

I know this may sound strange, but there are times in working with my coaching clients that one of the most powerful things I can do is to grant them permission.

This came strikingly clear to me just the other day, on a day when I found myself ‘off,’ as in off purpose, low on energy, and without my normal zest for life. And while I realized I was off I couldn’t quite put my finger on what was going on. In the midst of this, I decided to give myself permission to simply be off, and you know what, as soon as I did, I found myself moving back to the ‘on purpose’ position.

Which was a good thing because I had a coaching session approaching, and I have a commitment to my clients to be on purpose as much as possible. Guess, what my client asked of me? For permission to be off as well. Oh, it was in a different way. He just felt like he needed some time to just hang out for awhile and not have to be at work on any of his purpose projects. “So, do I have your permission?”

“Sure you do,” I replied, and with that we even rescheduled the coaching session for later in the week.

So, where would your life be enhanced if you granted permission to yourself? Who else in your life could you give the gift of some permission granting?

I invite you to purposefully play with permission granting this week and let me know how it goes and how your life and those around you are enhanced.