Playing the Big R Game (& On Purpose Guide Position)

I'm off to Greensboro NC this weekend to lead a Sunday On Purpose followed by a Ask the Coaches group coaching workshop with fellow Life On Purpose Coach, Rick Hiatt.  If you're in the area, consider this your personal invitation from me to attend the event. You can call Unity of Greensboro for complete information at: (336) 273-0944.  And if you make it there, please come up and introduce yourself. I'd love to meet you.

By the way, Unity of Greensboro has been one of our most successful 'pilot program' participants for the On Purpose Program and Rick Hiatt, the On Purpose Guide has done an incredible job facilitating 3 of the programs there.

I mention this because under our Resources On Purpose section I share about an opportunity to be trained by Life On Purpose Institute as an On Purpose Guide

If you are part of a progressive church or spiritual center, and long to make a significant difference in people's lives including your own, you may be one of the three people we're looking for.  Read more below.

Now, are you ready to play a game that can be, not only a lot of fun, but that can really move you forward in living a life on purpose?

LIVING ON PURPOSE:  Playing the Big R Game
What is one of people's greatest fears — the fear of dying? Of public speaking?  Spiders?  The I.R.S.?

Sure, many people share these fears, but the one I'd like to explore today I believe is larger than all of these put together.

It's the fear of REJECTION — the Big R.

And while a lot of people in sales struggle to overcome this fear every day, no one is immune. Let's face it, one of our greatest desires is to be accepted and loved.  And often times, being rejected feels like the exact opposite.

So, how might we overcome this innate fear of rejection?  How about a little 'purposeful play' to lighten the load.  Here's a game I created over twenty years ago that served me well then and with a little modification, a number of other times.

Back when I was breaking into becoming a professional freelance writer I created the Big R Game. The object of the game was simple: Collect 100 rejection letters as fast as I could while writing as well as I could.  These letters, commonly known as query letters, were written to magazine editors pitching my freelance writing services and ideas I had for writing articles for them.

Why you might ask would I want to play a game with the results being rejection?  Here's why.

I knew that rejection was a part of the profession (as it is with just about all professions and all of life).  But I also knew in collecting 100 rejection letters I would be accomplishing two other important things:

1. Writing query letters, and
2. Submitting them to editors

Truth be told I think I got to about 50-60 when I declared the game complete because by that time I had plenty of paying assignments, and the game had accomplished what I ultimately wanted from it.

What Could Your Big R Game Be?

So, where might you create your own Big R Game?  While it lends itself well to business matters, it can also be adapted to other areas of life.

For example, what if you're single and you have a commitment to be in a "committed, romantic relationship." (Which is one of the first phrases I heard Ann share over 22 years ago which prompted me to sit beside her in the workshop we were in….but that's a story for another time.)

Now, there might be some preliminary work you want to do, as there was for my magazine writing project.  You see, I knew there were certain kinds of articles I wanted to write and certain kinds of magazines for whom I wanted to write.

So, you might first want to create a list of qualities and attributes of your ideal partner…and then start your Big R Game. How many people could you ask to introduce you to someone with these qualities, as well as people you might meet and ask to get to know better.

Gulp?  You mean I have to ask someone on a date?  Probably so.  But remember, the object of the game is to get a NO/rejection while playing the game to the best of your ability which would include asking out those people you feel might be a good match.

But if asking someone out is too big a step, start a smaller game — maybe to share your desire to be in a committed romantic relationship with ten people.

The main point is to start playing. You may find, as I did, that the more "Big R's" you collect the less charge they have.

So, what Big R game will you create this week to move your life on purpose forward. Why not share it on the Living & Working On Purpose Blog so I can hold that intention in my heart for you?  Just enter it under comments below.

Or share about it on our new Life On Purpose Facebook page.

RESOURCES ON PURPOSE: Teaching What We Most want to Learn
One of the most enlivening 'side benefits' of being a Life On Purpose Coach for the past 14 years has been that I get the opportunity to continually take ground in living true to my own life purpose.

Now, you may not be ready to become a Life On Purpose Coach. After all, that's a pretty big commitment. But, if you're a part of a progressive church or spiritual center that has a big vision for the difference they want to make in their community, you may be a perfect fit for becoming an On Purpose Guide (which may end up to be a great intermediate step to becoming a Life On Purpose Coach).

If this sounds enticing, I want to talk with you.

Here's why.  This Fall we'll be offering the On Purpose Program to 6-8 spiritual communities around the country and we'll looking for an additional 3 people who want to make a significant difference in people's lives as well as in their own, to be trained as an On Purpose Guide.

We'll provide you with the course materials, training and support as well as all the course material at NO COST to you.  In exchange you agree to work with us to bring the On Purpose Program to your church or center. Here are some of the qualities we're looking for:

* You're part of a progressive church or spiritual center and it's an important part of your life. In other words, you'd like to help it flourish and fulfill on its vision and mission.

* You're available to be trained and supported by us to become an On Purpose Guide who will then facilitate the On Purpose Program in your community. This will be done through a combination of online training materials and phone coaching and training.

*  Having an interest in and/or experience as a life coach is a plus but not a requirement. Having already gone through the Life On Purpose Process is also a plus but not a requirement.  Going through the Process will be part of the training we'll provide.

Sound interesting?  Well, I'm not asking you to commit just yet. We need to get to know each other a little better.  Here's what I would encourage you to do if this feels like what might be next for you in your life.

Go to this link.

There you will find more information about becoming an On Purpose Guide and a simple questionnaire.  Read it over and if it still sounds interesting, complete the questionnaire.  Ann or I will be in touch with you within the week to discuss this opportunity further.

If you'd like to learn more about the On Purpose Program, go here  and  here.

One last thing. If this opportunity doesn't call to you but you think you may know someone that it might, please help us get connected by forwarding this ezine to them with a personal note from you.

Thanks.  Here's to creating a world on purpose.