podcastArtAnn and I would like to welcome you to the Life On Purpose Coaching Tips Podcast page where you can get updated information on this Purpose Project. We’re excited you found you way to Life On Purpose and hope we can be of service to you in a purposeful and playful way.

For a list of our current podcast episodes go here.

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Currently, the best way to learn about the podcast is to watch the video version of our About the Podcast episode available below:

Future Podcasts

After our initial launch on the week of February 9th (during which we’ll have 3 shows), the show will air once per week. A list of all future podcast is HERE.subscribe-on-iTunes-300x109

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You can also ask your questions about living a life on purpose. Just click on the green Ask Your Question tab to the right of this page to leave us up to a 90-second audio message. We’ll make every effort to address your question during one of our future shows.

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We do hope you find these weekly podcasts both engaging and valuable in helping you to live a more purposeful and meaningful life. If you do, we’d love for you to share the podcast with your friends, family members and co-workers, and especially to anyone who you feel may be feeling a bit lost, confused or overwhelmed by life.