Pondering Upon Momentum And Stability

Several months ago, as I worked on my ‘visionary reality’ for my business and life, I wrote that one of the things I envisioned in the next phase of my life on purpose was to have my coaching practice and Life On Purpose Institute in momentum. Well, I’ve been experiencing both a momentum and a level of stability that I don’t remember having since my days as a small animal vet.

At that time, after struggling to build my practice for over 10 years, then finally hiring my first business coach, Judy Billman, who assisted me greatly in creating a breakthrough in my business, I achieved momentum and stability. And surprising to me, I found myself becoming a bit bored with practice. I guess that’s why I eventually decided to sell the practice and stay on my original game plan of becoming a writer and speaker that I’d envisioned when I hired Judy. (I later added coaching to that vision.)

This time I don’t feel the urge to sell my business nor transition out of coaching. At least not yet. I think there’s a new possibility I want to explore. While I’m not sure exactly what that is, I think part of it is to learn how to enjoy all of my life and to create purpose and meaning in all areas. This has already been happening without my paying much attention on it. Now, I want to be more aware and intentional about it.

Several months ago in a Visionary Writers On Purpose Team meeting (http://lifeonpurpose.com/vwop), I shared that one of my visions for myself was to be known as a Renaissance Man. I even joked about starting a men’s magazine by that name since none of the current men’s magazines appeal to me. While I’m not ready to launch the magazine, I do feel it’s time to become public about being a Renaissance Man. According to one definition I ran across online recently, a Renaissance Man is someone who becomes skilled, sometimes to greatness, in several areas. It’s someone who’s constantly learning and developing new skills. While I don’t know that I’ll go down in history as another Leonardo DaVinci, I do realize the power of creating a powerful context for life and living from it. For me, being a modern day Renaissance Man is closely akin to staying on the path of mastering my life on purpose. And as I ponder this idea and share it with you, I’m far from bored, but find myself inspired by the possibility.

Anyone care to join me along this path — man or woman? I’d love to hear from you. Who knows, maybe we’ll create a Mastermind Group to support each other.

Until next time, this is Brad Swift checking in from the “Paradise Found” of Flat
Rock, North Carolina.