Power Tool Continues; Making the Connection & Taking Responsibility

Next, in the second column, identify the source of each pattern. We know that it is based in either fear, a sense of lack, or a need to struggle to survive, but see if you can be more specific—a fear of what, a lack of what, why do you feel you need to struggle? Your column might look something like this:

I smoke even though I know it is not good for me because deep down inside I do not feel I am worthy of being fit and healthy. Besides, my parents smoked for years and it didn’t seem to affect them. These are thoughts and points of view that keep the smoking habit in place.
I worry about paying my bills each month because, according to my Inherited Purpose, there really is not enough money to go around.

The point in making this connection is to realize how your Inherited Purpose shapes your life through these off-purpose patterns.

Taking Responsibility for Actions from Inherited Purpose

Column three is where you begin to take responsibility for the consequences of your Inherited Purpose. Often, when people first learn about the Inherited Purpose, they use it to let themselves off the hook for the effects their Inherited Purpose has on the world. Saying, “Oh, that’s just my Inherited Purpose running the show,” isn’t the most responsible way to use this powerful distinction.

Begin to take a deeper level of responsibility by writing down the effects your Inherited Purpose has had on yourself and others (i.e. the off-purpose pattern). For example, worrying about money and vocalizing those worries might have led to your avoiding dealing with your bills, resulting in bad credit. Having your bookshelves and closets filled to overflowing with books and clothes may have led to a number of arguments with your spouse.
This step isn’t intended to send you into your own pity party about what a rotten person you are. However, it often helps to see what the off-purpose pattern has been costing you. The more aware you become of the cost, the more motivated you’ll be to replace the off-purpose pattern with a new, on-purpose pattern.

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Tomorrow, we’ll complete the 5 steps for replacing off purpose patterns with on purpose patterns with the steps of creating a new on purpose pattern and taking action as well as what to do if you get bounced off course.