Practicing Pivoting to Enhance Your Life

Last week I introduced a simple and effective tool for living on purpose called the ‘interim purpose pivot.’ (The steps are outlined below) I then invited you to try it out for a few days and then share what happens here at the Living & Working On Purpose Blog.

I then offered a little incentive — a gift for the one who shares the most authentic and powerful posting. If I have at least 6 people (out of almost 8,000 subscribers) then I’ll do a drawing from the entries and the winner will receive a special reviewer copy of my book, Life On Purpose: Six Passages to an Inspired Life. If you already have a copy of it, I’ll send you a copy of DASH, by Eric J. Aronson.

Why the drawing? Because I really want to expand the level of participation I have with my subscribers because I feel in my heart that I can make a bigger difference with many of you IF you will not only read the ezine but act upon the insights you glean from them. And so, will you take me up on the challenge?

Here’s your reminder to print out:

============= Interim Purpose Pivot ====================

Step 1- As you go through the day begin to notice times when you’re emotionally “off” — anger, anxiety, overwhelm, sadness, worry, etc.

Step 2 — Ask yourself this question — “In this moment is my life being shaped by love or fear? As you ask that question, you can expand the meaning of these two in the following way.

Love = Universal love, experience of abundance and a willingness to flow with life, and

Fear= Fear, a sense of lack and struggling in your life

If the answer is fear (which it’s likely to be), then

Step 3 — Ask yourself, “If in this next moment I were to pivot and allow my life to be shaped by Love (abundance and flow), what would be different and what could I CREATE?

============= Print & Read Daily ====================