Today let’s look at another of the 14 Power Tools for Living On Purpose — Purpose Pow Wows.
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A Purpose Pow Wow is a great way to combine some of the positive
attributes of a Purpose Practice and Purposeful Pivoting with the
Universal Laws of Attraction and Purposeful Creating.

I recommend conducting a Pow Wow whenever you have a new Purpose
Project that you want to launch as well as for anything that seems to
have lost its juice or when you feel your enthusiasm waning.

They are also great to do for the pure fun and joy of doing one.

Start by picking a quiet, serene setting that you enjoy and in which
you feel good. Take whatever actions necessary to raise your energy
level to one of joy, satisfaction and fulfillment – even bliss. This
could include taking a brisk walk, listening to uplifting music,
playing with your pet, etc.

Take a moment to become clear on the focus and intention of the Pow
Wow. You may even want to write it down to bring more clarity.

Now, take a few moments to breathe deeply, and with each long, slow
breath, feel your body relaxing. Continue like this until you feel
peaceful and serene, yet alert.

Next, bring your attention to the intention of the Pow Wow. You might
even want to state your intention out loud or in your mind. What do
you truly want from this intention? What does it look and feel like
upon completion. If it were to really turn out beyond your wildest
dreams, what would happen and what would you be experiencing?

Hold onto the vision of this for several minutes, continuing to create
and expand it, while at the same time holding the results lightly in
your hands as though they were a fragile bird. In this way you release
any attachments you may have to the results while still holding the
intention of them.

Purposefully Play in this way for several minutes, allowing your spirit
to soar. If any thoughts or feelings of a distracting or disempowering
nature arise, see them like a hot air balloon rising to the surface of
your consciousness, and then release them gently to drift away. Focus
on your vision for what is possible.

After 10-15 minutes, allow yourself to return to the present moment,
energized and refreshed, knowing that even now the perfect resources
are coming to you for the fulfillment of your intention.