PURPOSEFUL PACTS: A New Power Tool for Living On Purpose

Do you ever run across issues in your life that just seems to persist and no matter what you do they seem to just keep cropping up to trip you up?

Perhaps the newest Power Tool for Living On Purpose could be of assistance.

I call it the Purposeful Pact. According to the dictionary, a pact is an agreement or contract, so a Purposeful Pact is an agreement or contract you make that will further support you in living true to your life purpose.

Think of it as a sacred vow that you make not only with yourself, but that you make with your connection to Universal Love, your relationship with God or a Higher Power or with your spiritual nature. And to add further power to the pact, make it public. Here are the 3 steps to creating a powerful and effective Purpose Pact:

1. PREPARATION – A little planning ahead can go a long way in having your Purposeful Pact be a positive experience. Casual or impulsive pact usually don’t work or last very long, especially if they are made in a moment of anger.

So spend some time in quiet reflection, pondering about any change you want to make in your life that will bring your life in more alignment with your true, Divinely Inspired Purpose. The bigger the change, the more thought it deserves.

Next, work on how you’ll word the Pact. Make sure you’re not setting yourself up for failure. I recently read of a prisoner who wanted to take a vow of total silence for a year, then the question was poised to him, “What if a guard speaks to you and requires you to answer?” The prisoner decided to then include in his pact the clause, “except in cases of genuine emergency or having to respond to an official.” So, take the time to think through how you can authentically and honestly state your Purposeful Pact.

And last but far from least in the preparation, be sure you’re ready to keep the Pact. If it’s a real stretch for you, rather than wording it, “I will always… Or “I will never…, you might use the wording “I will strive to…”

2. DECLARATION – While it is possible to make a Purposeful Pact with yourself, it’s much more effective to ‘declare’ it to others, perhaps with a bit of a ceremony added to it. Not only does this step increase the chances you will be effective in keeping the Pact, it’s encouraging to know that your friends support your efforts.

During the public ceremony you may also want to include your connection to Universal Spirit in your ‘circle of friends’ that are supporting you.

3. IMPLEMENTATION – Of course, this last step is where the rubber meets the road — abiding by the Pact you have taken. It can be helpful to repeat your Purposeful Pact out loud at the start of each day, saying it with as much feeling and gusto as you can.

Ok, like I said, this is a new Power Tool for Living On Purpose, and I believe in ‘testing’ out all the power tools I recommend. Read about how I plan to test out the Purposeful Pact in my own life later in this issue under PERSONAL REFLECTIONS – MY LIFE ON PURPOSE.

NOTE: Here’s my challenge to you. Won’t you join me in the month of August with your own Purposeful Pact, and let’s all share how they enhance our lives right here on the Living & Working On Purpose Blog. Who’s ready to play?