Purposeful Pampering

For those of you who have been considering coming to the Living and Working On Purpose Mountain Retreat in April, don’t miss today’s special offering at the end of this purposeful pondering, which is all about the value of ‘purposeful pampering.’

You see, later today, Life On Purpose will close its doors for a week of R&R&R — Rest and Rejuvenation and Retreating. Finally, after years of being a ‘workaholic’ I’ve realized the immense value of scheduling time for Purposeful Pampering. By retreating, I don’t mean I’m going to runaway but simply go into retreat, taking more time to nurture my soul and spirit.

So, now, at least 4 times a year, I make it a point to take a week or more to rest, rejuvenate and retreat. It’s one of the ‘selfish’ things I do so that when I return, I can be more fully of service to my clients as well as to my family and loved ones.

The practice is also consistent with the #1 Attraction Principle for Living On Purpose:


Spend your days with “in the beam” activities, those activities that are full expressions of your life purpose, and delegate “out of the beam” activities to other people who will find those activities to be “in their beam.”

I remember when the 28 Attraction Principles were first articulated by Thomas Leonard several years ago that principle #1, “Become incredibly selfish” caused quite a stir.

I don’t think Thomas meant to always have all your attention on yourself and never consider the other person. Instead, to keep an eye on whether or not your life of service is in balance. Historically, people in service careers, teachers, counselors, coaches, and the like have had a high burn out rate because they’re always giving, giving, giving to others and never taking time for themselves.

This is also true for many moms and dads who are always giving to their family but never taking time to ‘rest and rejuvenate.’ What often results from this constant state of giving is that resentment builds up along with fatigue.

It’s a little like always exhaling and never inhaling. Try that for a moment. Exhale…then exhale some more…and more. Get the point? You can get exhausted pretty quickly.

So I encourage everyone reading this to look at your current schedule to see if you have built in time for rest, rejuvenation and retreating, i.e. Purposeful pampering time. This time can include small chunks of rest time during the day, time during each week, as well as periodic longer times throughout the year.

It’s one of the reasons we’re collaborating with the Intentional Growth Center at Lake Junaluska where we’ll be facilitating the LIVING & WORKING ON PURPOSE MOUNTAIN RETREAT April 10-13. They have such a peaceful and serene setting and we’ve made it a point to schedule in plenty of time for rest, rejuvenation and purposeful pampering along with time to travel along the Purposeful Path using the Life On Purpose Process as your roadmap — the retreat portion.

All the info is online at http://www.lifeonpurpose.com/retreat but what’s not there is the special offering that I’m making available only to the readers of Purposeful Pondering Ezine. Here it is:

For the first 6 people that pre-register with a $160 deposit or register fully with a payment of $450 for the retreat over this next week — between now and March 23, you will also receive a 1-on-1 in-person coaching session during the retreat to add even more value to your retreat time.

You may schedule the coaching session with either facilitator, Kathleen Stolz or me, and you don’t have to decide which to request until the retreat itself.

So, if you’ve been ‘pondering’ or planning to attend the LIVING & WORKING ON PURPOSE MOUNTAIN RETREAT, it’s time to move into action. Be one of the first 6 people to register and receive this added bonus at no extra charge.

Pre-register with a $160 deposit at:

Pay in full ($450) at:

Questions? I’ve checked with Ann and she’s assured me that it’s fine to email or call her. She will be purposeful pampering along with me, but would love to hear from anyone who has questions about the retreat. Her email is ann@lifeonpurpose.com and her number is 828-697-0057.

Come to the pristine mountains of North Carolina and be purposefully pampered. (BTW, the retreat does fulfill the prerequisite for applying to the Coaches Development Program for anyone interested in becoming trained as a Life On Purpose Coach.)