Purposeful Places

From time to time you may find you have drifted far from your Life Purpose. Sometimes life knocks you for a loop and you find yourself so far off the Purposeful Path that you may feel lost and alone. When this happens, you may find the regular daily practices, ponderings and prayers insufficient to restore you to a course true to your purpose. When this happens to me I have a Purposeful Place in reserve. This is a special place that I have designated especially for those occasions where I can’t seem to restore myself completely without a little extra effort.

The name of my place is Jump Off Rock. It is a beautiful mountain setting with amazing views where on a clear day you can see for hundreds of miles that take in three different states. I find it to be a very nurturing and spiritual place. It even has several walking trials with winding paths through the mountain laurels and rhododendrons that populate the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. I find myself going there on some occasions just for the pure joy of it. At the same time, the most special times are when I really need to get closer to God.

I think part of the reason this Purposeful Place is so effective in restoring me to a Life on Purpose is because I have set it up that way. I have made a pledge to myself that if I need to go there to restore myself, I will not leave the mountain until I have accomplished my intention.

Luckily, so far I have not had to spend the night at Jump Off Rock. Usually within an hour or less, I am able to get back in touch with who I really am. I have had a good long talk with God, I have released the fear and self-doubt that may have been shaping my experience of life and I can enjoy the ride back home.

I encourage you to designate your own Purposeful Place, and keep it in reserve for those occasions when you have been knocked off purpose and need some further assistance in restoring yourself.