Purposeful Play Produces First “Pay What You Can” TeleRetreat On Purpose

~~~ Experience the Life On Purpose Process on a "Pay What You Can" Basis ~~~
A favorite part of my life purpose is 'playful' which includes the "willingness to explore and to experiment" in life and in my business.  It's led me to combining some winning combinations with a few new 'twists,' resulting in our first ever Living & Working On Purpose TeleRetreat.  Those twists include:

1- It's takes the winning combination of a weekend retreat and makes it more economical and convenient by being conducted as a series of teleclasses. No travel expense and you can enjoy it from the comfort of your home.

2- We're opening it up to the world with a hope and intention that we have 80 people participating in this life-enhancing weekend.

3- It's going to be on a "Pay What You Can" basis.  There's no up front tuition. Simply come to the 5 sessions that run from Friday night through Sunday afternoon, and at the end pay what you feel it's worth and that fits your budget.

Why are we offering the TeleRetreat in this Fashion?
Times are tough, turbulent and troubling for many people right now, and I believe with all my heart that knowing your life purpose with real clarity can make such a tremendous difference that I want others to experience the joy and fulfillment that is possible even in tough, turbulent and troubling times.

So, here's my recommendation:

1- Read about the Dec. 4 – 6 TeleRetreat here.

2- If it resonates with you, register as early as possible so you have time to thoroughly prepare and won't miss out on the 'limited seating' that's available. Remember, no need to pay anything up front, and only what you feel it's worth at the end.

3- Do it with one or more other people that you know so you can support each other during the TeleRetreat and after.

It's that simple. Oh, one more thing.  Who do you know that would enjoy and benefit from the weekend?  Why not share the TeleRetreat with them?  After all, we're creating a world on purpose.  Be a catalyst for change.