A Purposeful, Playful Path to Happiness

I love finding resources on the internet that I can share with others that are also in alignment with the Life On Purpose Perspective or that I can view from this perspective. The following Ted Talk is one such video. It’s by Shawn Achor who is the CEO of Good Think Inc., where he researches and teaches about positive psychology.

In the video he outlines a proven, purposeful and playful pathway to happiness, and he does it succinctly and humorously to boot.

In the video, Shawn outlined 5 simple activities that will create lasting positive change in one’s life









In the fourth and fifth passages of the Life On Purpose Process, I advocate the value of adding in a daily Purposeful Practice that will serve as a ‘polishing cloth’ for your living a more purposeful and meaningful life. Well, incorporating these 5 activities as outlined by Shawn would make for an awesomely powerful practice.

But you might say, my life is already too busy to add in all this ‘extra stuff.’ Well, if that’s the case but you’re also still not happy with you life, then you really do need to include these activities…but in case that came across as uncaring or callous, let me also suggest that you then add one of these to each day for five days. So, on Monday you write out 3 new things you’re grateful for that day, Tuesday you journal about one thing that happened on Monday that you’re grateful for, on Wednesday you exercise, etc.  Of course, this won’t be nearly as effective as a more regular regimen will be — like exercising at least 3 times, a week, etc. but it will get you started on the right path.

Start with this regimen for 30-days and then adjust as you begin to experience the benefits of regularly reshaping the lens through which you look at the world.