Purposeful Politics – Our Current Reality

As I begin to explore the world of politics (specifically U.S. politics) from the Life On Purpose Perspective, the idea came to me the other day to start by taking the Life On Purpose Self Test with my observations of where we are starting from collectively as a western culture.

As I did this, I realized I didn’t want to look just at politics or politicians but more at our western world collectively. (Later, I’ll look at how our current politics has contributed to these results.)  Of course, what follows is looking at our society through my eyes. You may or may not agree with my scoring but I hope it will be in someway valuable and insightful.  The score wasn’t all that great. Of course, as I say in the instructions of the Self Test, it’s not about seeing how high you can score but instead it’s more important to be as honest as you can, and that’s what I tried to be – honest.

So, how did we do?  Below is the score, followed with the run down of the 20 statements including my, off the cuff, comments as I went through the test.

Yep, from my perspective as a Life On Purpose Coach, we’re merely surviving. I also found the commentary that followed the score of particular interest when I looked collectively at our current collective reality.

At this level you’re getting by in your life, although many times it may feel like something is missing. Those feelings could be your soul beginning to awaken to the rich possibilities that lie ahead. Trust those feelings and begin to ask your ‘inner guidance system’ for what’s needed to begin fulfilling your life. To do this, you’ll need time for quiet reflection. Carving out this time in your life will be richly rewarding, especially if you then follow the suggestions that arise from these moments.

Below are the responses you gave in your Self Test with Life on Purpose:

1. I am crystal clear what my life purpose is.

Your comments: Collectively, a small percentage of the world has real clarity of purpose, and even fewer are actually living true to their purpose. I think I’m being generous with a 3. It’s probably more like a 2 or 1.

2. The life I lead is a full expression of my life purpose. (Of course, you need to know your purpose to have your life be an expression of it.)

Your comments: So few people really have a clear sense of their purpose that this number has to be small, and even fewer are living true to it or expressing it into the world.

3. My life purpose is designed to nurture me and those around me.

Your comments: Well, since most people aren’t clear about their purpose, how can it be nurturing them?

4. My life purpose gives me plenty of room to fully express myself.

Your comments: Again, until one really knows their purpose, they can’t really know how much room it gives them for expression.

5. I am fully known and recognized as my life purpose by others around me.

Your comments: Even a smaller number of people are fully known and recognized as their true purpose. Most people are more known and recognized as their Inherited Purpose. After all, that’s how so many people know themselves as.

6. I recognize the contribution I make to others by expressing my life purpose.

Your comments: Unfortunately, also quite small. Yes, it all starts with clarity of purpose. Until that it reached, expressions consistent with that purpose aren’t really possible.

7. I live a values-based life rather than a materialistic-based life.

Your comments: In our western culture, materialism is still pretty much king, though I do feel there are more people who strive to live true to their values even if they aren’t crystal clear about their purpose.

8. My life is shaped by my life purpose rather than by what others expect of me or think I should be.

Your comments: Again, most people lack clarity of purpose so what they are left shaping their life is the expectations of others — a big part of the fear and lack-based Inherited Purpose

9. I fully experience and I’m grateful of the simple abundance all around me.

Your comments: It appears to me that more and more people are becoming aware of the simple abundance around them. Perhaps this is one of the positive outcomes of the financial downturn we’ve been in for the last several years.

10. My life is free of unnecessary clutter and complexities and I seldom feel overwhelmed, rushed or cluttered.

Your comments: We collectively appear to be overwhelmed with the unnecessary clutter of our materialistic society, and maintaining all that clutter is pretty overwhelming to a lot of people. Just look at the TV shows about hoarding to see this in its extreme.

11. I regularly acknowledge the gracious bounty of my life.

Your comments: While many people appear to busy doing, doing, doing to take the time to acknowledge the bounty all around us, there is a growing number who are simplifying their lives and including this gratitude.

12. I fully realize that many of the best things in life are free and my life reflects this.

Your comments: Let’s face it, money is still king in our western culture, and it rules with an iron fist. Yet, collectively I believe we’re starting to wake up and have a greater appreciation for all that life has to offer freely. We just still have a ways to go.

13. I trust that as I live true to my purpose the Universe will provide everything I need for the expression of my purpose.

Your comments: Collectively we are still ruled by fear and lack-based thinking, and as we continue to operate from this Inherited Purpose, trust and faith in a benevolent Universe isn’t really possible.

14. I regularly take time to nurture myself in ways that feed my soul.

Your comments: Collectively, we appear to me caught up in the doing more and more while enjoying it less and less. We even seem to cram in so much doing on our vacations that we often return from them feeling like we need to take a vacation to recover from our vacation.

15. I have plenty of time to devote to my family, friends and community.

Your comments: I do feel more people are starting to make time for family, friends and community and returning ourselves to these important aspects of life.

16. I have a rich and satisfying spiritual life.

Your comments: I may be overly optimistic here, but it does appear to me that we’re striving to find rich and satisfying spiritual lives.

17. I have taken time to explore my beliefs to be certain they are of my own choice rather than what others think I should believe.

Your comments: It does appear that an increasing number of people are beginning to be more introspect and to explore their beliefs.

18. I’ve established my home as a sanctuary for the soul and it reflects this.

Your comments: Our love of our homes are counterbalanced with the loss of these homes by the economic downturn and greed of the large banks that are foreclosing at unprecedented numbers while making loan modifications that much harder. Of course, where loved ones are is where the true home is.

19. I feel a deep sense of security and I’m seldom fearful of not having ‘enough’ of anything.

Your comments: No, sorry to say collectively we’re still very much caught in the fear and lack-based thinking of the Inherited Purpose.

20. I regularly reach out to assist others on their path to living on purpose.

Your comments: Again, maybe overly optimistic, but I do feel people are reaching out to each other to offer support and guidance.