Purposeful Prosperity:

When You Want Your Life to Matter


You Don’t Need to be Stopped In Making a Difference

You want your life to matter, to be able to make a difference. Oh, you may not want to change the world (or you might) but for sure you want to be able to contribute to those around you, and to enjoy all that life has to offer. But it’s hard when every time you turn around there’s some financial crisis — monthly bills that need to be paid and seem to never go away, and just when you think you can start to get ahead, the car breaks down, or you or someone in your family becomes ill.

And when it’s not a money crisis, it’s a time crunch. There never seems to be enough hours in a day to get ahead — to make any real progress in your life. On top of all that, there are things you want to accomplish but you don’t know how to go about achieving them. It feels like you don’t have the skills or talents you need. In other words, ‘not enoughness’ seems to show up everywhere you turn. Not enough money, not enough time, and sometimes the worst of all, you don’t seem to be enough. You’re either not smart enough, talented enough, or capable enough in some way to fulfill your dreams.

Many times you may try to compensate working harder, putting in more hours at your current job, or taking on a second or even a third job. But there are only so many hours in a day and before long you start to feel the effects of all those extra hours, and the more tired you become the less effective you become. Before you know it you’re feeling burned out and overwhelmed. So, to relieve the stress you take a vacation to get away from it all for awhile, only to return to a mountain of work that’s not been done and a hefty balance on your credit card, and the vicious cycle continues.

Working Harder And/Or Cutting Back Doesn’t Work

Working longer and harder to get ahead may work at first, but before long you find yourself deeper in the hole financially and more tired and stressed out than before. Working harder, often at a job that you don’t find satisfying and fulfilling will never lead to a prosperous or purposeful life. Why? Because it’s based on a case of mistaken identity. Let me explain:

People who find life to be a constant struggle or who seem to take two steps forward and three steps back have misidentified the source of true prosperity.

The journey to a long term and lasting turnaround starts by identifying the true source of prosperity. Let me share with you the story of the lakes to illustrate my point:

Down the road from my home is Highland Lake. How much water is in that lake? I dunno, but I imagine millions of gallons- it’s a big lake! Where does all that water come from?

Well, like any lake, some of it comes from rain, but we have long periods in the summer with no rain and yet the lake stays full. But if you look closely you’ll find there’s a stream that connects the Highland Lake with Bonclarken lake just up the road. Seeing the water flowing from Bonclarken Lake right into Highland Lake you might surmise that that’s where the water come from, you’d be right to a point.

But where does Bonclarken Lake’s water come from? Hang in with me here.

Across the street from Bonclarken is Jordan Lake and under the road is a pipe that connects the two lakes. Now Jordan Lake is smaller than Bonclarken, and certainly smaller than Highland. How does Jordon Lake feed those other two when it looks so small- and how does it get full itself?

For that, you have to go up the mountain. There you will find the true source of all three lakes.

In the same way, most people don’t really know the true source of their prosperity and often mistake their work as the source, which results in their working harder and harder without ever really getting ahead.

Oh, they may end up with more stuff but not with a full blown experience of prosperous living because the ‘stuff’ of our life is far from the source of true prosperity, just like Highland Lake is a long way from its source.

Purposeful & Prosperous Living Can Start Now

To live a truly powerful, purposeful and prosperous life, we need to locate the source — where does our power, purpose and experience of prosperity arise. It’s not where most people think. And this is where we start in the Purposeful Prosperity ONLINE Program 2.0. This program arose from the hundreds of hours of personal coaching I’ve conducted with my clients where I’ve identified how so many of them — people committed to making a difference in the world, just like you, have hit a wall — a wall of lack and limitation, thus undermining and sabotaging their efforts to live a purposeful and prosperous life.

Hello, my name is Brad Swift.  As one of the co-founders of Life On Purpose Institute and a Life On Purpose Coach for the past 18-plus years I’ve had the privilege to assist thousands of people to get their lives on track and on purpose — which includes experiencing what a truly prosperous life can be like. One of my gifts is the ability to create simple yet effective processes that people can engage in to transform and enhance their lives. One of these is the Purposeful Prosperity Process outlined in this online program.

Through a series of video coaching sessions and the Purposeful Prosperity Guidebook, you will be guided through this process. Along the way you will glean insightful ‘nuggets of gold’ that have the power to transform your life. Nuggets like:

  • How identifying the source of true prosperity can give you the ability to tap into this rich source of abundant living now,
  • How the Wall of Lack & Limitation can be dismantled brick by brick, giving you access to a new level of freedom and flow in your life,
  • How to move from a life of striving and struggling to a life of flow,
  • The role of simplicity and elegance in living a mindfully abundant universe,
  • How to create intentions that will serve to bring more purpose and prosperity to your life, and
  • How to use the “Power of C” to bring our life in alignment with our purpose.

And then, through the 40-Day Prosperity Plan, you will integrate these insights into your life to enhance your life in a practical and meaningful way.

What’s Included in Purposeful Prosperity 2.0
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Choose the Purposeful Prosperity Plan that Works for You

Purposeful Prosperity 2.0
6 Online Video Coaching Sessions with Brad Swift as your coach and guide. Step-by-step guidance through the Purposeful Prosperity Process along with specific and powerful Call to Action Assignments to integrate the insights into your life. Pay the tuition that fits your budget and you feel would be a fair 'energy exchange' for this transformational online program. (We have set a minimum of $4.95.
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Purposeful Prosperity 2.0 (Premium with coaching)
6 Online Video Coaching Sessions with Brad Swift as your coach and guide. Step-by-step guidance through the Purposeful Prosperity Process along with specific and powerful Call to Action Assignments to integrate the insights into your life. Pay the tuition that fits your budget and you feel would be a fair 'energy exchange' for this transformational online program. The PREMIUM option includes 4, 30-minute personal coaching sessions by a Life On Purpose Certified Coach. Normally $350, during our launch simply add $250 to your PPW payment. (The minimum payment set is $255.)
Price: $350.00
Price: 255.00 or more (Pay what works in your budget)
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My Personal & Purposeful Guarantee

I know in my heart that this program can contribute and make a significant difference in your life and in your experiencing a more prosperous and purposeful life if you will just give it a chance and stay open to the coaching.

That means, taking the time to fully engage in the program and to apply it to your life, and especially focusing on the 30-Day Prosperity Plan. And at the same time I realize that just like you can’t please all the people all the time, not every coaching program will hit the mark for everyone.

So if, for whatever reason, the Purposeful Prosperity Program misses the mark for you, I personally promise to refund the full cost of the program. Plus, if you let me know what you didn’t like about it, I’ll do my best to recommend another resource that could serve you better — either a book, author, website, or other resource.

I do want you to receive the help you need, whether it comes from me or someone else.And if you’re still not sure whether to ‘take the plunge,’ ask me any question that’s on your mind or in your heart, and I’ll be happy to give you my most sincere reply. Just Click Ask Brad