Purposefully Paying it Forward with Random Acts of Kindness

In 2009, Life On Purpose Institute launched the On Purpose Program. Our initial focus was to empower New Thought Spiritual Centers with an infusion of purpose and passion by guiding small groups of congregants through the Life On Purpose Process through this in-house program facilitated by a fellow congregant who receives support and training from Life On Purpose Institute as an On Purpose Guide.

A significant part of the program design comes at the end when the participants are invited to express their Divinely Inspired Life Purpose through a group Purpose Project that will be contribute back to their spiritual center and the community.

What follows is an update on one of the first On Purpose Projects:

This is Nancy Scott replying to your request for an update on our LOP Project named "Pay It Forward".  Our team is still very excited about our project and has had several productive meetings to kick-off our new project.  Images

Our project is beautiful, I think, in its simplicity.  When we perform acts of kindness toward our friends, family and strangers we are aware of our Christ Consciousness and how "connected" we are to all people.  This project simply acknowledges our effort on behalf of others by providing them with one of the cards we have had printed which reminds the person that their only obligation for the kindness they have received is to "pass it on".  We hope that this project will allow us to see the Christ in each of us and to acknowledge the Christ in others in a tangible way.  We believe that people are good and the Universe is benevolent and, so, we want to be a part of that cycle of life.

The kick-off of this project began with a spiritual cinema on Friday, Feb. 12th, showing the movie "Pay It Forward" which is a beautiful story of a young boy who demonstrates this concept each day and names it "Pay It Forward".  At this cinema members of our team will explain the program, it's origins and our mission.  We will ask all who attend to take cards and pass them out to people that they have served asking them to do something for someone else.

The second part of the project is that we ask them to write to us and let us know how they have served, how it made them feel, and how it was received.  We want to capture these stories in our new on-line web-page that should be  up and running shortly.

We have created advertising, set up a Unity site on MeetUp.com so that people have a place to let us know that they are coming and to write about their experiences.

We plan to have a series of these cinemas – one each month for the next 90 days.  Our hope is that this concept spreads throughout our neighborhoods and our city.  We have printed 1,000 of the cards that we will be passing out and have created a flyer describing the event that we plan to distribute to area churches, post on bulletin boards and hand to congregants and others.

We have received an anonymous donation for the development and printing of the first batch of cards.  We have received a promise of 5 cases of water to sell at the event and someone has agreed to borrow a popcorn machine and provide free snacks to those who attend!  It seems like every time we have run into an obstacle, it has been removed like magic. 

We believe we are on the right track to improving life in our city … well, at least in our own families and friends circle.!  God will take care of the rest!

And Here's another Update from March 15

We had 28-30 people at our second movie Friday night. It was "Evan Almightly" and the response was very positive.  In fact, a person at the movie brought us bracelets that said "Pay It Forward".
Five people from our Life on Purpose group were there. One was sick and another out of town. I am very excited that so many on our team are keeping the project alive because it can be so easy to let something like this just fade away.I think some of our team may have "gone missing", but we are passionate about keeping these acts of kindness going.  This project has been keeping me present as to how kind people are to me, especially strangers, and finding out ways I can SLOW DOWN and be purposely thoughtful in some small way.
So…the adventure continues. Our final movie is in April.

You can learn more about future movies and happenings through their MeetUp Group.