Quality of Life – What? It’s Really NOT about the Stuff?

Many Mornings Brad and I spend our waking hours in bed preparing for our day by reading inspiring material and meditating. One of my favorite parts of this special time we spend together is when Brad reads a special passage to me or I read something to him that is meaningful to me. It is such a peaceful and powerful way to start our day.

Lately I have been reading a book by Alan Cohen, Handle with Prayer. It is a book I picked up a few years ago at our church. I thought it was a great title for a book and it would be a good book to read to start my day. As it turned out Brad read it first and now it is my turn. I usually take much longer to get around to reading.

This morning I was reading from a portion of the book on quality of life. Alan pointed out that often, when we want to manifest something in our life, we focus on the object instead of the quality we desire. Here’s an example of how this applies.

If I desire more money, then I ask myself, “what is the quality more money would give me?” The answer that came to me was “Freedom, security, and choices”. The next thing I desire is to travel. What is the quality that travel would give me? The answer to that one was adventure.

Looking from these two desires I asked myself, “How can I have freedom, security, choices and adventure in my life today without having to wait for the money and travel to come into my life?” It didn’t take long for the Universe to respond. Our community was having a small plate crawl with a few of the local restaurants.

Now, I had never heard of a crawl before so I had to be educated as to what it was. Twenty local restaurants were promoting their businesses by selling small plates of food at a very reasonable price to allow people to try their restaurant. Fun! Adventure! Lots of choices! Doesn’t require a passport! And I can be safe and secure in my own bed tonight. This fit the bill for all of the qualities of my desires. It was an outrageously fun day filled with living true to my purpose and living with the quality of life I want.

What qualities of life would you like to have in your life today? Once you identify them, then go for them — TODAY. Be creative. Allow yourself to experience the magnificence that life has to offer.

What do you think?  Could it be that life really isn’t about the “stuff” or at least not just about the stuff, but more important about the qualities we want to experience. Let’s hear your thoughts. Leave your comments below.