Quick Tips for Bringing More Purpose, Passion & Play to Your Life

Boomers On Purpose – Redesigning & Redefining Retirement is the current theme we’re exploring with our Living & Working On Purpose Radio Show that’s airing through Exceptional Wisdom Radio. It finally dawned on me after 3 months of having weekly radio shows, that we could further explore the radio themes through our Living & Working On Purpose Blog and here in the ezine, so be on the look out for this starting to occur. Here the show we aired this week and the one slatted for next week:

April 16 — Ann Fry of ItsBoomerTime.com — Born on the first day of the boomer generation, January 1, 1946…Ann started It’s BoomerTime℠ as a way to cope with turning 60 and embracing it, rather than hating it.

April 23– John Gomperts of Civic Ventures and Encore – Why retire when many Boomers are realizing that they have 20+ years ahead — plenty of time to create an Encore Career — productive work filled with purpose and meaning.

Our show airs on Wednesdays from 5-6 pm EDT at: http://exceptionalwisdomradio.com and are also archived for listening at your convenience. You can even download them to your MP3 players.

Now, let’s explore 5 new tips for bring more passionate purpose to your life:

6. Watch Your Thoughts Like a Hawk.

Our thoughts have a powerful influence on how we experience life — the meaning we ascribe to what happens as we go through our days. So, it makes sense to become increasingly aware of our thoughts, especially the automatic ones that seem to ‘just appear.’

Someone cuts you off in traffic and immediately you think — “Look at that jerk? How dare he/she do that to me?” And if we’re not careful we’re flicking them off before we even consider that just maybe they never even saw us before they changed lanes.

7. Watch Your Emotions Even More Closely.

More often than not, attached to those automatic thoughts are some powerful emotions that have an even more powerful influence on our experience of life. In the example above, typical emotions would include anger, agitation, indignation, and revenge, none of which contribute anything positive to our day. Our thoughts and emotions are the basic building blocks that create “Molecules of Meaning” which creates the context for our lives and how we experience life? Being aware of them is an important step to being able to let go of them, and in the ’empty space’ to create meaning that contributes to life.

8. Set an Intention for the Day.

Setting an intention for the day is a powerful way to stay focus and on purpose. The intention to be joyful, to be playful, to be compassionate are just a few examples. Or, as Abraham-Hicks suggests, you can ‘segment’ you day with different intentions. For example, my intention while writing this article is to be of service and to inspire. When I have my session with my coach later today, my intention will be to gain clarity and focus for what’s next at Life On Purpose.

9. Add Value to Life for the Pure Joy of It.

One of the common elements of a purposeful life is being of service. Adding value to life for the pure joy of it is a great way to know and to experience living on purpose. Look for small ways to add value to the people around you, and that includes to yourself. Remember, you are part of the world as well, so a little “purposeful pamper” is also allowed. In fact, it’s a great way to receive a double dose of joy — as your giving to yourself and as you are graciously receiving.

10. Complete Your Day with Gratitude

I know of no more powerful way to complete on a day filled with passionate purpose than with gratitude. Counting your blessings will allow you to drift off into peaceful sleep and to awaken with a renewed commitment to bring passionate purpose to the new day.