Raffling Myself Off Update

It all started with a couple of questions. Why haven’t more people taken
advantage of the $1 Trial Membership that gives them the full benefits of
the Life On Purpose Community for 30-days? And what could I do to encourage
more people to give this life-enhancing community a try? I slept on the
questions and awoke to the idea that I’d raffle myself off — well my
coaching services that is.

So I created this game that went like this:

So, when 14 people register into the Life On Purpose Community this
next week, I will place their name in a hat and draw out one lucky winner,
who besides, receiving the 30-day Trial Membership to the Community will
receive 3-Catalytic Phone Coaching Sessions from me that you can use any
time while you’re a community member. That’s a 1 in 14 chance to receive
personal coaching valued at over $200, just for giving our community
membership a fair try. The 30-day Trial Membership is only $1 and includes:

• Full Access to the Life On Purpose Process ONLINE Program (previously sold for $229)
• 2, monthly Group Coaching Telegathering so you can get the full benefit of the ONLINE Program
• Membership discounts on other services including 1-1 coaching and Living the Fulfilled Life, and more

And boy did I have fun watching people register. And today, Amber, Ann and I had the drawing out on our beautiful sunny deck. You can see the photos by clicking on the Living On Purpose Photo Album, and find out who our grand prize winner is.