Rantings On (& Off) Purpose

I have this 'thing' about Mondays, and while I feel like I've made some real progress with my relationship with Mondays over the years, I still find myself on some Mondays 'off purpose' which is my term for having a relationship to something that is based more in fear and lack resulting in struggle than having it shaped by my true purpose that arises from Universal Love, an experience of abundance and a willingness to flow with life.

And today is one of those 'off purpose' Mondays.

So, as I've been attempting — more or less unsuccessfully — to make a full on and deep purposeful pivot, (in others words get myself back on track and on purpose) I remembered this idea I've had for some time — months at least.  Now, most of my 'good' ideas I act upon much more quickly than that, so maybe this is a 'bad' idea, or maybe it's just one that needed more percolating time.

Anyway, my idea was to start a section on this blog called Ranting On (& Off) Purpose.  The idea came to me when something happened that really urked me — really got under my skin (and of course, now I can't remember what it was) so how really troublesome could it have been, but in the moment I thought, "I'm tired of all being nice / on purpose / transformed.

Some times I just want to rant about some of the things going on in this world.  And I've been wondering if it's possible to 'rant on purpose' — in others words could these rantings actually be of some service to the world? 

I really don't know the answer to that question. I guess if anyone actually reads these 'rantings' they'll have to be the judge of how much value they hold.  I will say up front that one of my intentions is to add some value to life — to have these ranting contribute in some way…and I also intend to use them as another way for me to make deep and purposeful pivots in my own life.

So, this Monday off purpose seems like the perfect time to starting ranting on purpose.  Caveat, it's likely that some of what I write will be steeped in of purposefulness as well. And I doubt I'll do a lot of spell checking or editing because when I'm in a ranting mood, I don't feel much like dealing with those details — so deal with it as you will.

So, I'm feeling better already.  How about you?  I can see something from this 'exercise.'  Sometimes it really does help to vent/rant/let it all hang out especially when you're doing so with the intent to get over whatever is troubling you rather than holding the intention to be right and righteous and stay stuck.

Now that I'm done ranting about Mondays that start off purpose and the power of ranting, I've got one other thing to rant about — The Oil Spill in the Gulf.