Ready to Build Your Own Writers Taffy Machine?

I love it when I reconnect with something I’m passionate about which is what happened recently in a  rather circuitous way.  I’ve been working on a new Purpose Project with the intention of bringing the LOP Process to as an ‘in house’ program to spiritual communities. In the process a colleague of mine introduced me to an offshoot of where authors can publish their books in Print on Demand format.  Well, I personally love the this option.  I’d introduced the Life On Purpose book in this way some years ago under the title Traveling the Purposeful Path, and it worked out very well as an intermediate step. But I’d pretty much forgotten that option until I stumbled upon Create Space.  And when I did I suddenly remembered that I’d written another book a while back entitled FROM SPARK TO FLAME – Fanning Your Passion & Ideas into Moneymaking Magazine Articles that Make a Difference

And as I realized it was time to share this book with the world, I tapped into a deep and wide vein of passion — not just my love of writing as a way of expressing my life purpose but also my enthusiasm for encouraging, inspiring and coaching others to express themselves in this way as well.  So, in today’s podcast I’ll be sharing what I feel is one of the greatest paths for aspiring writers to  master their craft — moving from aspiring writer, to published writer to profitable and purposeful writer.

It’s writing for regional and national magazines.  And it involves building your own Writers Taffy Machine. You may click on the little arrow to start the podcast and/or download it to listen from your computer or MP3 player.

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