Ready to Help Create Your Community On Purpose?

*** Help Create a World On Purpose One Community at a Time ***

Over the past couple of weeks I've been sharing in the Purposeful Pondering Ezine about our desire to train and support people in becoming an On Purpose Guide.

Remembering that our vision at Life On Purpose is to be a catalyst for creating a World on Purpose, one of the primary ways we're expressing this vision is through the On Purpose Program specifically designed for progressive churches and spiritual centers as a 8-week in-house program.

We've received inquiries from all over the world, Africa, India, Malaysia…but not yet from the USA. Funny how that's worked out.

We're now taking application for folks who are interested in being a facilitator for these programs in their community, particularly if you're in the USA. (And if you're outside the US and this still calls to you, please read on as well.)

This fall we plan to offer the On Purpose Program to 6-8 spiritual communities around the country (and maybe the world) and we'll looking for an additional 3-4 people who want to make a significant difference in people's lives as well as in their own, to be trained as an On Purpose Guide.

We'll provide you with the training and support as well as all the course material at NO COST to you.  In exchange you agree to work with us to bring the On Purpose Program to your church or spiritual center. Here are some of the qualities we're looking for:

* You're part of a progressive church or spiritual center and it's an
important part of your life. In other words, you'd like to help it flourish
and fulfill on its vision and mission.

* You're available to be trained and supported by us to become an On Purpose
Guide who will then facilitate the On Purpose Program in your community.
This will be done through a combination of online training materials and
phone coaching and training.

*  Having an interest in and/or experience as a life coach is a plus but not
a requirement. Having already gone through the Life On Purpose Process is
also a plus but not a requirement.  Going through the Process will be part
of the training we'll provide.

Sound interesting?  Well, I'm not asking you to commit just yet. We need to get to know each other a little better.  Here's what I would encourage you to do if this feels like what might be next for you in your life.

Go to this link:

There you will find more information about becoming an On Purpose Guide and a simple questionnaire.  Read it over and if it still sounds interesting, complete the questionnaire.  Ann or I will be in touch with you within the week to discuss this opportunity further.

If you'd like to learn more about the On Purpose Program, go here:  and

One last thing. If this opportunity doesn't call to you but you know someone it be interested, please help us get connected by forwarding this messag to them with a personal note from you.

Thanks.  Here's to creating a world on purpose…one community at a time.