Ready to Quit Drifting Through Life?

I remember my first coaching session with Ellen well. She'd had a
close call with cancer, and it had been a wake up call for her. "I
don't want to just  keep going through the motions in my life.  It's
time to stop drifting and  figure out why I'm alive.  I'm fortunate.
The cancer is in remission. Now,  it's time to get on with living my
life like I matter…because I do

I've read somewhere that some species of butterflies live only for a
day. No  wondering they're so active flitting from one flower to the
next fulfilling  on their reason for being alive.

But I think sometimes because we humans live so much longer
butterflies –  those 'four score and seven years-plus — that we
often take life for  granted. We end up just "going through the
motions," drifting along, or just  trying to make it through the week
to the weekend.

But I believe life is meant to be lived so much more fully, and if
you're  reading this email I suspect you know this to be true as well.

But how?  Does it have to take such an extreme wake up call as cancer,
or  the death of a loved one?  No…not really.

Living on purpose starts with the realization that you can bring a
deeper  sense of purpose and meaning to your life, then following up
that  realization with some 'purposeful action.'

And that's where the Life On Purpose Virtual Video Coach may be just
the  support structure you need to finally, once and for all, answer
the question  — "What is my purpose in life?"

Through the Life On Purpose Virtual Video Coach you will have me as
your  coach as I guide you through the Life On Purpose Process that
has already  assisted thousands of others to clarify their life
purpose. (That’s over 20 years of professional coaching experience, 14
working exclusively with helping people clarify their purpose.)

We will then continue the journey together as you learn the tools for
living  on purpose that will allow you to design your life to be an
authentic  reflection of your purpose.

All at your own pace and on your own schedule and from the comfort of
your  home (or anywhere else you choose that has an internet connection).

Read about it online.

Here's what Jude shared with me recently:

"My original Life on Purpose work in 2006-2007 helped me figure out
who I  was and wanted to BE after losing my parents and my marriage.
I am happy to  say that I realized I am the only one who has the power
to decide my place  in the world or my worth and I'm pretty dog gone
priceless!  After that I  soared -completing a master degree, taking a
new job position in my teaching  career, and completing coach

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P. S. The hardest step to stop drifting through life is often the
first one — the commitment to change, followed by action. Take the
first small step by checking out the Virtual Video Coach, and then
trust your heart to know what the next step will be