Resolutions are OUT! Living On Purpose is IN!

Don’t worry about setting any New Year resolutions this year. Resolutions are out — living on purpose is in.  Why?  Because New Year resolutions seldom work but knowing and living true to your life purpose always does.

Always?  Yes, always. Living on purpose works  because when you know your true purpose the universe begins to line up with your intentions because you’ve aligned with the intentions of the universe. Traveling along the purposeful path following the breadcrumbs of passion will result in a satisfying and fulfilling life even though it may not always lead you where you expected it would when you first started out on the path.

For example, my first Purpose Project was titled Project Purpose (yes, I know a little confusing, right? Stay with me though). The project was to write and publish articles about people who lived on purpose. I figured it was a great way to inspire other people to live more purposefully as well. What I didn’t realize until later that I was one of the people most inspired. After interviewing dozens of purposeful people I realized that one thing they had in common was that many of them had chosen to express their life purpose in some organized way — either a nonprofit or a for profit enterprise. It finally dawned on me it they could do it why couldn’t I?  That’s when my wife and I decided to co-found Life On Purpose Institute.

New Year resolutions seldom work because most of them are based in trying to fix something that is wrong rather than being based in what’s possible for yourself and others. From the Life On Purpose Perspective this means that most resolutions are based in the fear and lack-based thinking of the Inherited Purpose. Many people’s New Year resolutions come from what they think they should do, rather than what they’d really love to do.  But ‘should-based’ resolutions lack the sustaining power of passion-packed projects that people who know their purpose often create as a way to be and express their purpose.

Living on purpose isn’t always easy in large part because we live in a world without vision and we’re often surrounded by people without purpose — a world off purpose.  A key step though it to know your true life purpose with such clarity that it will have the power to shape your life — your decisions, choices and actions. And now, at the start of the new year is a perfect time to bring this clarity of purpose to your life.

Stepping onto the Purposeful Path can be daunting but not to worry, there is a road map you can use. It’s called the Life On Purpose Process and it has already helped thousands to clarify their life purpose, and one of the most effective and economical ways to experience this process is through the Life On Purpose Virtual Video Coach. Here’s what one person recently wrote:

As I recapitulate my year writing the moments, events and people that I’ve had the blessing of experiencing, I have to say that I cannot end the year without expressing once again the impact the Life on Purpose Virtual Video Coach had in my life. This process was a defining moment for me and I can confidently declare that I am living each day expressing the best version of myself because I live on purpose…. and when the waters get choppy, I have the tools to sail through them.

That’s what I want for all people – that clarity of purpose that will help you navigate the choppy waters of your life. So, if you’re going to resolve anything this year, why not resolve to live your life on purpose? We at Life On Purpose Institute want to assist you on your journey along the Purposeful Path.

When you commit to clarifying your life purpose with your order for the Virtual Video Coach between Dec. 31st, 2012 and January 7th, 2013, you’ll also receive a full pass to the Purposeful Prosperity Online Program.

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