You Responded! Here’s Our Purposeful Proposal for Living the Fulfilled Life TeleWorkshop

A few days ago Ann and I requested feedback regarding the upcoming Living the Fulfilled Life Teleworkshop scheduled to start on Oct. 3rd, and boy did people respond in such a kind and generous way with over 50 responses.  After we read over them, pondered upon them, and read over them again, we realized that most of the responses fell into 3 main areas. We then looked to see what we could do at our end to address each one of them.

Here were the main issues we heard from our community:

1. “My life is so busy I don’t have enough time.” One respondent wrote: “My personal difficulty is time. I have signed up for seminars and never seem to be able to carve out the time.” Another wrote: “I have been wanting to save some time for your classes but unfortunately been very busy.”

  • We really do understand this one. We see so many people caught up in the whirlwind of life.  If you find yourself caught in a similar time tornado, I urge you to take just five minutes to read this blog article.  Whether you ever take one of our courses or not, I believe this will help you escape from the time tornado. It will also give you a better idea what life is like when viewed through the Life On Purpose Perspective.
  • We will also address this challenge in more depth during our Q & A Call. (see details below)

2. “My money is tight and I can’t afford the program.”  One person shared:  “the reason I didn’t sign up was because I didn’t have the money right now. I would love to sign up but I’m struggle with finance right now.”  We do realize that many people are still feeling the strain of these economic times, so after searching within our hearts, here what we’d like to offer for those who would really benefit from this program yet feel stopped by the tuition:

  • We’re offering a partial scholarship of $125 that will reduce the tuition from $497 to $372. You’ll still receive access to the Virtual Video Coach (valued at $189, all 8 classes with Ann and the other special bonuses.) And it’s simple to receive. Upon registering, enter the following code – 092611. Click the button and your scholarship will be applied. The scholarship is available now until Saturday, October 1st at 12 midnight when registration closes.
  • We’ve also added a 3 payment option to help you spread the investment over a longer time. (No matter which payment option you take, you’ll receive the scholarship when you enter the code.)
  • Last of all, if you feel really called to this program yet are still stopped by the financial issue, we have a No Committed Soul Left Out Policy that can help. Read more about this at

3. “I’m just not real clear what the program is about.” Some people weren’t clear about the program, or wondered what they’d really get from it, how was it different from the book or the Virtual Video Coaches, etc. One person wrote: “I tend to get a bit cynical about what you’ll actually get out of it.” There were a number of other similar comments and/or questions people had about Living the Fulfilled Life.

  • So Ann and I conducted a Question & Answer Teleconferencing Call this Tuesday, September 27 starting at 7:30 pm eastern. During the call people ask whatever questions they had that would help them determine if this program was for them.  We also answered the specific questions people sent in with their feedback. You can listen to the audio recording of the call HERE.

In the meantime, if you’ve on the fence about this Living the Fulfilled Life Teleworkshop, or if this message has peaked your interest, you can learn more in one of the following ways:

1. Living the Fulfilled Life information page at

2. View the Live the Fulfilled Life Video Series. This is the video series Ann has prepared with assistance from our purposeful partner, Nick Pfennigwerth .

Ann and I humbly thank you for being in our lives and for helping to create a World On Purpose, which as one respondent pointed out, is really about creating a world that works for everyone.