Rethinking Purpose: An Intro to the Life On Purpose Perspective

I’ve been wanting to do a video that would explore the Life On Purpose Perspective in some depth. This perspective is a foundational part of the mental shift that has led so many people to a greater experience of purpose and meaning in their lives.

This “Rethinking Purpose” is a key step along the Purposeful Path that leads to your personal life on purpose.

So, here it is at long last.

“But if I don’t know my life purpose, what can I do?”

For those who are ready to take a major leap in their personal and spiritual development, here are the options that were listed at the end of the video.

Option One: Put a Life on Purpose Coach in Your Corner. The Life On Purpose Coaches Collective is a community of dedicated, fun-loving life coaches especially trained to help people clarify their life purpose and live to true to it. While we have all been trained to use the Life On Purpose Process as our foundation for enhancing our clients’ lives, we each have our own unique style and specialties.

Option Two: Life On Purpose Virtual Video Coach. This online series of 15 video recorded coaching sessions offer a flexible schedule, is available 24-7 365-days a year. It also has personal coaching option to supplement the virtual coaching sessions.

Option Three: Life On Purpose: Six Passages to an Inspired Life was an award winning finalist in the Self-Help: Motivational division of the Best Books 2007 Awards sponsored by USA News, being beat out of the first place by a little book entitled, The Secret.

Claiming Your Ground

It’s often helpful for people to share any new insights they glean from a conversation like this, so please let me know what part of the Life On Purpose Perspective resonated most strongly for you.  If you have a question or other comment, I’d love to hear those as well. Yep, your chance to get a little Life On Purpose laser-coaching on the house.