Saturday is “Love My Back Day”

Today is officially Love My Back Day. You see I’ve had a history of lower back problems dating all the way back to my veterinary days, starting when I tried to pick up a Saint Bernard on my own (Ironically, he belonged to a chiropractor), then later that same day went and played a rousing game of racket ball, where I really screwed something up in my sacral iliac region.

Despite being told by a surgeon that I’d need back surgery, I elected to go a more conservative, natural approach. Now, some twenty years later, I rarely have more than an occasional mild strain. Except this week, my lower back has been reminding me of our history together. Not sure the source of it, but I do know the healing power of love, thus the pronouncement of “Love My Back Day.” I may even extend it to Love My Back Week.

It actually started yesterday when I loved my back and the rest of my body that my lower back is integrally connected to, to go to my acupuncturist, a healing modality that has done wonders for me over these twenty years. Today, I started calling in some of my ‘back massage debt,’ from my wife and daughter. They both love back rubs and I’ve given a bunch, so they are lovingly joining me in this special day.

I also keep releasing the concern I have that my back will not be back to normal by Wednesday when I’m due to head out for a book tour to Atlanta. I believe it will respond well to my loving, healing attention, and the truth be known, it’s not the end of the world if I can’t make the trip. Disappointing, yes, world ending, no.

So, anyone reading these blog entry, please take a moment to send me some loving, healing energy and direct it to my back. I’m so grateful for all the support it’s given me for 58+ years, and especially for the past twenty when it’s had to deal with some pretty challenging times.

Now, all together: I love my back… I love my back…

(Written from my bed where I’m lying ‘flat on my back.’)