Science & Biology — They’re not the same as when I was in school

I grew up wanting to be a veterinarian, so science especially biology was my 'cup of tea.'  I was fascinated with all the science…okay, physics and biochemistry not so much, but biology, botany, physiology — I ate them up, even genetics, even though genetics was kind of a downer.

It was a bit depressing to learn that so much of who a person is, both physically, health-wise, even temperament and personality were controlled by little ol' genes that had been pre-programmed before I even came onto the scene.

Well, I have good news.  All that is now being held in question, even refuted.  Here's what Bruce Lipton, the author of The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles, writes:18

"Until recently, it was thought that genes were self-actualizing…that
genes could ‘turn themselves on and off.’ Such behavior is required in
order for genes to control biology. Though the power of genes is still
emphasized in current biology courses and textbooks, a radically new
understanding has emerged at the leading edge of cell science. It is
now recognized that the environment, and more specifically, our
perception (interpretation)of the environment, directly controls the
activity of our genes. Environment controls gene activity through a
process known as epigenetic control.

You can read more about this new science of epigenetic in his article, Mind Over Genes: The New Biology.

Even better, tune into the Living & Working On Purpose Radio Show at 5 pm on Wednesday, July 15 to hear my co-host, Jeff McFarland and I interview Dr. Lipton.  It  will astound you and give you hope for the future.  I promise.