Sharing the Peace of God & God’s Perfection — Today’s Theme

One of my favorite parts of my spiritual practices for starting each day is reading from an assortment of inspirational and spiritual books. I keep a stack of them next to my bed. Three of the books that I make it a point to read from every morning are:

A Deep Breath of Life by Alan Cohen – I’m on my sixth year of reading this set of daily devotionals
The Essene Book of Days by Danaan Parry — I believe I’m on my 3rd year of reading this one
The current Science of Mind Magazine – I’ve been reading it daily for about 3 years

Today, I found that the themes from these 3 books blended together in an interesting way. The theme of Cohen’s message was to embrace the “Peace of God.” From The Essene Book of Days was the theme of “Sharing,” and Science of Mind’s daily message was about God’s Perfection which resides within each of us. Thus, the theme for my walking meditation around Bonclarken Lake this morning was “Sharing the Peace of God and God’s Perfection.” May we all take a deep breath of life that becomes possibly from living that theme this day.