Six Passages to an Inspired Life On Purpose – The Life On Purpose Perspective

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein

So, if we want to live a life on purpose we need to ‘rethink’ the whole notion of what a life purpose truly is and what it’s evolving to as we evolve. What if our notion of life purpose is a case of ‘mistaken identity’ that far too many of us have bought into.

It’s time to examine the Life On Purpose Perspective that is foundational to the Life On Purpose Process — a proven, systematic, spiritually based and practical approach that has already helped thousands of people to clarify their true, Divinely Inspired Life Purpose and to then design their life to be an authentic reflection of that purpose.

Ready to start on the Purposeful Path to your own life on purpose?

The Life On Purpose Virtual Video Coach is an effective (as well as cost effective) online video coaching program that will guide you through the six passages that make up the Life On Purpose Process. Complete information on how to get started is at: