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What’s involved in being an On Purpose Guide

On Purpose Guides are people who are dedicated to being of service and to empowering people to live their lives on purpose.

Here are some of the qualities we find very helpful for an On Purpose Guide to possess:

1. Willing to be an ’empty cup/vessel.’ To be open and available and a strong request for the training and support. To be coachable.

2. To have a strong desire to serve and contribute to others as they also serve themselves to bring more clarity of purpose to their own lives.

3. To be able to listen keenly and with compassion.

4. To be able to speak well and with passion about the value of knowing your purpose and designing a life that reflects your purpose.

5. To be committed to full communication and to integrity.

Life On Purpose Institute is committed to providing strong support and training so that our On Purpose Guides experience being well taken care of and able to serve the participants of the On Purpose Program.

Here are a few comments from Rick Hiatt, one of our first On Purpose Guides:

have never felt greater joy than when I am being the On Purpose guide. This experience has not only helped me come to a greater knowing of my own life purpose, but the transformation I see in the lives of those I care about so deeply, as they come to know their own divinely inspired life purpose, makes my heart sing!

Thank you for sharing this opportunity with me. What a thrill and honor it has been. It is an experience I will treasure forever.

Becoming an On Purpose Guide fulfills the pre-requisite for applying for the Coaches Development Program to becoming a Life On Purpose Coach.

If you feel called to express your true nature in this way, please complete the form below so we can be in touch with you. And thanks for your commitment to making a difference.

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Rest assured we will keep your information confidential. If we have any questions, we will contact you by phone or email. If you have any questions, you may contact us at 828-697-9239 or by emailing