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Spiritual Seekers: You Don’t Need to Win the Lottery to Have the Life You’ve Always Wanted.

What would you do if you won the lottery?

This question pops up every now and then among friends, among co workers and among families.

It’s a fun question to think about because it gives us permission to muse about all our “someday fantasies.”

Now here’s something interesting I’ve learned as a long-time spiritual seeker myself. Often, when a spiritual seeker is asked this question they usually say something like this:

“Well, first I’d want to take some time off and just relax. Maybe travel to the places I’ve always wanted to visit. Then I’d start doing the thing I’d always wanted to do. And they’d go on to say how they’d go back to school and study something that’s always fascinated them …or join an organization that helps people in need like Habitat for Humanity … or write the book that they’ve been longing to write or paint the paintings they’ve been longing to paint.

The point is this: Most people drawn to the spiritual path think there’s more to life than sitting in front of the TV watching game shows. They have a longing in their hearts to make a difference in the world; to do something that has real meaning.

And sadly, most of these folks aren’t doing much about that longing in their hearts. Why? Well you can probably answer that question as well as I. You don’t have the money or the time right?

Which is why those longings to realize the dream in your heart remains a dream that comes true…unless you won the lottery. And then …

… you could quit that job you’ve been slogging away in for the last 15 years
… hire someone to run all those endless errands
… you could afford good child care
…could hire a skilled, caring person to help your elderly parents

Here’s a Bold Question

What if you could begin realizing your heart’s desire for more meaning and fulfillment in your life RIGHT NOW? Yep, you don’t have to make drastic changes in your life to begin creating a life in which you feel like you’re making a difference. (You may want to make some big changes, but there are practical reasons why you haven’t yet.)

You don’t have to sit on top of a mountain for a year to meditate or join a commune in India or run away with the circus. You can keep doing what you need to do to pay the bills, make sure your kids do their homework, and whatever other day-to-day obligations you need to meet. And you can also begin, step-by-step, to also realize a more meaningful and satisfying life RIGHT NOW.

Maybe This Sounds Far-fetched, especially if you’ve already tried to find ways to make a little time to pursue your dreams. Perhaps you’ve:

  • Taken a class or workshop through your church or a local community college
  • Done volunteer work for a cause you believe in
  • Tried being more organized so you have more time

Inevitably though life happens. Your car needs repairs and you can’t make it to class, or the boss needs you to work late, or you’re just plain exhausted and sitting in front of the TV watching M.A.S.H. reruns is just about all the stimulation you can handle.

The Last Thing You Need is Another Project!

The problem with trying to squeeze in classes and reading self improvement books and doing volunteer work is they turn into just a bunch more items on your to do list. Like you really need more stuff on your to do list!

What DO You Need to Create the Life You Really Want Glad you asked. Here are six things you really need, to create the life of your dreams:

  1. You need to get clear on what your dream is as well as where you are currently in life ( It helps to reach your destination if you know what it is and how far away it really is)
  2. You need to get clear on what the obstacles are that are really keeping you from this dream (hint: it has hardly anything to do with the lack of time or money or will power)
  3. You need to shift your focus from doing to being (Huh? More on this in the next point)
  4. You need to be able to articulate what’s really, really important in your life
  5. You need a “Life Purpose Statement” a short, clear statement of what you’re here on the planet for
  6. You need some tools and structures so you can begin to express your divinely inspired life purpose in your everyday activities
    What’s cool is that most of what you need to create the life your heart yearns for is already inside you. You just need some gentle assistance to get at it.

Introducing the On Purpose Program

Hi, I’m Brad Swift, (I’m the one on the right) co-founder of the Life on Purpose Institute and author of Life On Purpose: Six Passages to an Inspired Life. Since co-founding Life on Purpose Institute in 1996 with my wife, Ann, we’ve helped thousands of people to clarify their life purpose and provided them with the tools to design their lives to be an authentic reflection of their purpose.

Because Ann and I have been active spiritual seekers and members of our own spiritual community for over 20-years, spiritual communities have a special place in our heart. Like so many people who find New Thought, we understand what it’s like to wonder whether there’s a whole lot more to life than following the rules (who set up those rules anyway?) staying out of trouble, and getting to Heaven (Maybe, if you’re lucky).

We understand what it’s like to learn you can have a loving relationship with Spirit and that your time on Earth is meant to be a time of joyful, divinely inspired purpose. And we also know sometimes knowing that you have a divinely inspired purpose here on earth isn’t quite enough to actually know what that purpose is and how the heck you’re supposed to express your purpose. Which is what inspired me to create the On Purpose Program.

So what exactly is the On Purpose Program anyway? Read on.

More About the On Purpose Program: What It Is and How It Works

The On Purpose Program is an eight-week program in which you and a group of your fellow church members meet on a weekly basis. An On Purpose Guide — another member who wants to lead the group through the On Purpose Program — facilitates. Life On Purpose Institute provides to the Guide, thorough training in the form of a detailed program outline, online video training, and a weekly On Purpose Guide teleconference

During the eight weeks, you will:

What the On Purpose Program is NOT

The On Purpose program is not another program that gets you all inspired and excited but doesn’t help you actually apply what you learn in your real life. Our program is fun and inspiring yes but it’s also hands-on and you’ll begin applying what you learn from the get go.

The On Purpose Program is also not just another dreary “To Do” you have to add to your already too long list of obligations. No no no! I know your life is busy and stressful enough. The last thing you need is another obligation.

In fact what makes the On Purpose Program special is the activities you do are meant to energize and inspire you because they’re fun and have real meaning for you (obligations in my opinion are neither fun nor very energizing).

Here’s what one participant had to say:

    I’ve taken quite a few Self-improvement courses in my life. Usually I’ll come out of the class or workshop feeling a sense of excitement or inspiration but after a few days, I lose that energy and the next steps I outlined for myself feel like another pointless bunch of tasks.. The On Purpose Program was different for me. Because the next steps I came up with were “purposeful actions” they were actually fun for me to do. This is the first time I’ve actually found myself looking forward to my next steps! It makes all the difference in terms of making real changes.

What You Get with the On Purpose Program

The On Purpose Program is an eight week program in which you and a small group of like-minded persons (6-12 people) from your local church or spiritual center meet to learn and support each other to create inspiring, purposeful lives.

    When and Where:

    Date and Times of the On Purpose Program is scheduled by the Program Coordinator at your church.

    To find out whether the On Purpose program is offered at your church, contact your Program Coordinator today.

    Location: On Purpose Programs are typically held at the church that’s hosting the program.

    To find out whether the On Purpose program is offered at your church, contact your Program Coordinator today.

    Class Content:

    Here’s what you can expect to learn during each class:

    Class #1: Creating a Map for Your New Life

    Get to know your fellow travelers along the On Purpose path and take the first steps towards crafting a road map to your ideal life.

    Class #2: What’s Really Shaping Your Life?

    In week 2 we take a look at what’s shaping your life right now. To begin creating a life that reflects the things you love, you first need to get clear about what’s shaping your current life.

    Class #3: Identifying Your Obstacles and Roadblocks

    In week 3 we’ll take a close look at the obstacles and roadblocks to living a meaningful, purposeful life. Once you know what’s blocking your way, you can begin clearing them.

    Class #4 Identifying Elements of a Life You Love

    Once you are clear about what’s keeping you stuck, it’s time to shift your focus to the elements that pull you forward into the life you really want. In week 4 you’ll do some exercises to hone in on what these elements are for you.

    Class #5 Polishing Your Life Purpose Statement

    In this class you’ll be spending time clarifying your life purpose statement so that it really “zings” and inspires you.

    Class #6: Attraction, Projects, Play, and Recognition

    In week 6 you’ll learn about how to use three of the most powerful practices: The Universal Laws of Attraction, Purposeful Projects, and Purposeful Play. You’ll also have the opportunity to look back on how far you’ve come and to celebrate your progress!

    Class #7: Create a Group Purpose Project

    Now that each person in your group has clearly identified the elements in his or her personal life on purpose, you’ll have an opportunity to create a group purpose project in which you and your fellow group members will get to collaborate on something really fun and cool.

    Class #8: Celebration and Looking Ahead

    In the last class of the On Purpose Program, you’ll spend some time discussing the experience of living a life of purpose and meaning including options for participants who want to support others in their On Purpose journeys. Then you’ll celebrate completing the On Purpose program and your commitment to a life of divinely-inspired purpose.

Who Teaches the On Purpose Program?

    Each On Purpose Program group is led by a specially trained On Purpose Guide. An On Purpose Guide is typically a member of your spiritual community who has a strong interest in teaching the On Purpose Program.

    Your On Purpose Guide may be someone in a leadership role at your church such as your minister or someone else who has done training programs. But anyone with a sincere desire to lead an On Purpose group may facilitate. If you feel you might be called to become an On Purpose Guide for your community, learn more about it here. People who serve as On Purpose Guides receive special training and support materials developed by Life On Purpose Institute. To find out who is leading the On Purpose Program at your church, contact your program coordinator today.


    We really want you to succeed so you can begin living the life you’ve been yearning for. For this reason, we include lots of special materials for On Purpose participants:

    Bonus #1: The On Purpose Workbook

    The 69-page workbook includes all of the materials we go over during class along with the worksheets for the exercises you’ll be completing so you can begin apply what you learn right away.

    Bonus #2: The Life on Purpose Book

    You’ll get your own copy of my book: Life on Purpose: Six Passages to an Inspired Life which is the main text for the On Purpose Program.

    Bonus #3: The Life on Purpose Audio Book

    On Purpose participants also receive the Life on Purpose book as an audio book. You can download and listen to the book on any MP3 device at your convenience.

    Bonus #4: Your Own Purpose Partner

    The best part of the On Purpose Program? You don’t have to do it all by yourself! Participants tell us again and again that having a buddy to whom you’re accountable and who cares about your progress makes the program a more effective, satisfying, and fun experience..

    Premium Bonus #1: Two (2) 1-on-1 Phone Coaching Sessions with a Life On Purpose Certified Coach

    For participants who want some extra, focused attention to realize their life dream we offer one-on-one sessions with certified Life on Purpose coaches. The coaches working with On Purpose participants are not only certified in the Life on Purpose program…they themselves are New Thought Center members and are especially well-qualified to support you.

    Premium Bonus #2: The Purposeful Prosperity Program

    The Purposeful Prosperity Program is an online, 30-day program designed to help people design lives of purpose and prosperity. You’ll learn step-by-step:

    The Purposeful Prosperity Program includes 7-online video coaching sessions, a 25-page guidebook, and the 30-day Purposeful Prosperity plan.

    Premium Bonus #3: Life on Purpose Report: Completing Your Past

    Sometimes the greatest obstacle to living a life of purpose is our, often unconscious, need to hold on to past hurts and injustices. In this 8-page report you’ll learn how to redefine your relationship with those old, accumulated hurts to you feel truly complete with them and ready to move on to more creative and purposeful endeavors.

    Maximum of 12 people in the group.Enough to benefit from diverse ideas and experience, yet small enough for plenty of individual attention.

    What you get Regular Premium
    Eight 2-hour live small group classes led by a qualified On Purpose Guide.
    Bonus: The 69-page On Purpose Program workbook.
    Bonus: The book: Life on Purpose: Six Passages to an Inspired Life.
    Bonus: The Life on Purpose: Size Passages to an Inspired Life audio book (downloadable to an MP3 player)
    Bonus: Your own purpose partner
    Premium Bonus: Two, 1-on-1 coaching phone calls with a certified Life on Purpose coach.
    Value $ 99.00
    Premium Bonus: Purposeful Prosperity online program
    Value $ 39.00
    Premium Bonus: Life on Purpose Report: The Process of Completing On Your Past. Value $12.95
    Regular price: (Public release: In October 2009, the On Purpose Program will be made available to the public at these prices.) $199 $399.95

    Beta Price (Before the national launch, we’re offering the On Purpose Program to 6-10 Spiritual Centers to start in early 2010 at a significant saving. By registering now you save $50 off the regular tuition or $115 off the Premium option! Remember, people have been clarifying their life purpose with Life On Purpose Process since 1996. It’s proven to be highly effective and we know it will be in this form as well.)

    Click here to register now

    Click here to register now

    Care to Pay in Two Installments? We want as many people as possible to be able to live a life on purpose, so you can also register with an initial payment of $75, with the second payment 30-days later. Register Here

    To register into the On Purpose Program PREMIUM Option with 2 monthly payments of $145, Register Here

    Are You an On Purpose Guide in Disguise? Find out about becoming an On Purpose Guide.
    Your Next Step to The Life You Really Want
    Nope, you don’t have to buy a lottery ticket. You do however, need to register for the class to reserve your spot. Just click this link to begin the registration process.

    Once you click one of the payment links above you’ll be taken to the shopping cart, where you can complete your payment details. Your space in the class is not confirmed until you complete payment!
    Once you do complete payment, within a day or so of our receiving your payment, you’ll receive an email confirming your registration.
    The Good Faith Guarantee

    It is our intention that the On Purpose Program brings you closer to your heart’s desire. There are few things more satisfying than when we help others discover and craft lives that are filled with joy and meaning.

    You can decide, for any reason, up to 2 months after the final class that the class didn’t work for you and you want a refund. But, there are some conditions.

    The program works, but only if you do the work and follow-through. If you attend the classes, do the exercises during and after and do not get the support you needed, we will give you a complete refund.

    The Good Faith part? We don’t ask questions or require a note from your doctor. If you ask for a refund we believe you did your best to work the materials.

    It’s the way we like being treated and the way we treat our customers.
    Still Have Questions? Ask Us!

    If the workshop resonates with you but you have questions, or you just want to talk to a real live human being, click here to send us an email or call us at (828) 697-9239. We’re here to be of service.