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Bring a Sunday On Purpose to Your Community

Imagine attending a service at your local church or spiritual center where the focus of the day was Living On Purpose. That’s what a Sunday On Purpose is all about.

Each Sunday On Purpose is customized to fit the interest of the spiritual community. While topics have included burnout and purpose, starting out the New Year On Purpose, and the importance of purpose in growing a spiritual community.

During a Sunday On Purpose You’ll Explore…

• The critically important connection between burnout and knowing your life purpose.

• A simple self test for determining your degree of burn out.

• 5 common symptoms of an off purpose life

• The 4 key obstacles that keep most people clueless about their true purpose and how to overcome them

• What are the top 4 benefits people who know their life purpose enjoy

• How to begin to experience living on purpose even BEFORE you’ve clarified your purpose

… And much more

Watch a Sunday On Purpose talk presented during the service at Unity of Raleigh, North Carolina by Dr. Brad Swift

Sponsor a Sunday on Purpose

Download a copy of the Sunday On Purpose Speaker’s Kit, then share it with the person responsible for arranging speakers and workshops at your spiritual center.

The contents of this downloadable Speaker’s Kit includes:

  • Dr. W. Bradford Swift’s Biography
  • Workshops
  • A Sunday on Purpose: From Burned Out to Turned On
  • The Power of Purpose
  • Recent Presentations and Articles
  • Contact Information
  • Testimonials