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Are You Part of a Progressive, Forward-Thinking
Spiritual Center with a Large Vision?

As a part of a progressive spiritual center, does any of these scenarios seem familiar?

  • Your congregation has done the work of creating a fabulous mission and vision articulating the difference you want to make in your community and the world. But when you go about starting to bring that vision into reality, you realize you’re missing one key element — the manpower to pull it off.
  • You’ve heard time and again that to have a fulfilling and satisfying life — a life that really matters — it’s important to know your purpose in life.  It all makes sense but when you look around your congregation almost no one seems to really know their purpose, or at best they just have a vague sense of it, so you’re left wondering — just exactly how does one go about gaining the clarity of purpose that’s so important.
  • As a part of the leadership of your spiritual community, you know you and your small band of committed volunteers aren’t able to do everything it takes to bring your vision into reality but you wonder how in the world you can get more people to step up and help without resorting to guilt or coercion?
  • You look out to the rest of your spiritual community and you see people with such potential and possibilities. But it seems like they just keep shooting themselves in the foot and never really tap into their full divine potentiality.  You wonder, “How can I support my fellow community members to live a purposeful and passion-filled life?”

If some of these scenarios seem familiar to you, then let’s look at the spiritual communities that our approach works well with:

  • You’re part of a congregation with an active membership of at least 100. (If your congregation is smaller, we recommend starting with a few book discussion groups using the Life On Purpose book as the subject matter.)
  • You have within your congregation one or more people who would be capable in facilitating the On Purpose Program with support and training from Life On Purpose Institute. (While this person could be the minister, we encourage looking to others in the congregation. Most ministers already have too much on their plate, and our intention is to help them take some of it off their plate, not add more to it.)

On top of these criteria, we’ve found the following values to be important. Is your spiritual community:

  • Progressive and forward thinking — able to think outside the box of dogma?
  • One that truly believe in the transformational power that comes with clearly knowing one’s purpose in life?
  • One that feels called by Divine Spirit to make a significant difference in their community and the world?