Spiritual Renewal at UMMAS

This past week my family and I attended the Unity Ministers of the Mid-Atlantic States Retreat close to our home at the Kanuga Conference Center. This is a wonderful opportunity for spiritual renewal and reflection at one of the most peaceful, beautiful settings in Western North Carolina.


Highlights of the 4 day conference included:

Watching my daughter be of service by volunteering to take people to and from the main meeting room to the dining area by driving them in one of the Kanuga golf carts. She took this on herself, sparked by a serendipitous happening the first night. As we came out of the first night’s gathering, and prepared to go home, an elderly lady asked if we knew anyone who could drive a golf cart, pointing the the cart next to our car. Amber piped up that she knew how then promptly took the driver’s seat and drove them to their desired location. The next day she couldn’t wait to return to Kanuga and to her new volunteer position as chauffeur.

I also reconnected with a friend who I’d not seen in close to ten years, who’d participated with me in a leadership development program in 1988. It was great catching up on the past decade and realizing that we still have much in common.

And last but not least, I created a gap for myself by coming out of the closet and playing my Native American flute in public during the Talent Show on the last night. I’d proposed to Amber, who was a bit reluctant to sing in public, that if she sang in the talent show, I’d play my flute even though I’ve not played it hardly at all this past year. She found two friends and formed a trio, so I felt that I needed to follow through with my pledge

I combined my amateurish flute playing with some of my favorite quotes and passages related to living on purpose and promised to return next year as part of the ‘before and after show,’ this year being the before — before a year of practice — and next year’s appearance. So, I have some fun work ahead of me, that is if I want to show my face at the UMMAS Conference next year.

But I know the loving and lovely people that attend Unity conferences are a great support structure for stretching oneself, so I really see this as a great opportunity to bring some mastery to my flute playing. Anyone who has suggestions on how to do this, please share them with me.