Status Report on the Water4Gas experiment.

Some of you may remember I started an experiment a few months ago to determine if I could substantially reduce my gasoline usage by using a product that you can attach to your car’s engine called an ‘electrolyser.’ I had purchased the detailed instructions and had built 3 of the units when my two vehicles decided to throw me a curve. The van’s transmission went out , and my classic Mercedes’ (see photo) odometer quit working.

Well, here’s my update:


The van continues to sit in our driveway with a broken transmission. So far, replacement estimates are higher than the van is worth…so we continue to ask the Universe what we’re to do with it, and remain open to the answer that has yet to become clear.

My mechanic did find a replacement ‘dashboard cluster’ for about a $100 which I had installed last week, then discovered that the tachometer on it isn’t working. We may be able to fix that, but even if not, I can now evaluate my MPG and so will soon be resuming the experiment. The next step is to run the Mercedes for a while as is to get a baseline MPG and to then have the electrolyser installed and run it for awhile that way to see if there’s any difference.

In the meantime, here are a couple of links to two short videos that aired on a local tv station in my areas that did their own experiment. I think you will find them interesting. I was a bit disappointed that they would base their conclusions on just one automobile. It seems to me to be a bit of ‘journalistic malpractice’ to say something doesn’t work on such scant evidence…especially when there’s so many other people around who have tried it on their cars and are reporting good to excellent results…which is why I continue to ‘purposefully persevere.’ Here are the links:

Initial report on Channel 4.

Follow up report after 3 weeks of test driving