Stepping into Your Own Power

I've always been impressed by my coach's article but every so often Mark hits one out of the park, as he did recently with his article,  What the Heart of Your Business Needs in a Down Economy. There were several strong points in the article, but perhaps the one that struck me most was:

natural for us to be deeply concerned for each other. If someone is
struggling financially, and it’s a choice between your service and food
on the table, of course you don’t want to take the food out of that
person’s mouth.

However, it’s easy for your worries to inflate this concern beyond what’s reasonable. When
your business is dedicated to making a real difference for people, then
your work is important. Don’t shrink from making a strong case for it!
You don’t want to manipulate anyone, but you don’t want to make
decisions for other people by withholding your passion and clarity
about how important the work you do is

For me this is sovereignty — owning your own power and the difference you are here to make. So, while I know the Life On Purpose Process isn't going to be a fit for everyone and not everyone is ready to bring crystal clarity of purpose to their life, I do know that it can make a profound and lasting difference for many people…because it already has and will continue to do so.  So, up economy or down economy — Life On Purpose Institute is here to serve.

How about your business?  How can you step into your own power that comes from knowing you're here to contribute and make a difference in the way only can do?