Steve Pavlina Reviews Life On Purpose Book


Well, I’ve had the opportunity to practice a bit of “purposeful patience” the past few weeks. I learned from my publicist, Carol Arnold, that personal development guru, Steve Pavlina, who Carol referred to as “the Oprah of personal development” liked my new book and would soon be reviewing it on his blog.

And yesterday it appeared and I have to say he really ‘nailed it’ in a very positive and clear way. In other words, he really ‘got it’ the whole Life On Purpose Perspective that is at the foundation of the book and the Process that’s outlined in the book. Now, I’m not really surprised. Since learning about Steve several weeks’ ago, I’ve been reading many of his posts and listening to his podcasts, and I’ve resonated with so much of it.

He’s site is a great resource of thought-evoking entries on so many different aspects of life, as well as personal and spiritual development. It’s well worth checking out starting with his REVIEW of Life On Purpose: Six Passages to an Inspired Life

From Steve’s review: “On this book currently has a 5-star average rating after 13 reviews, and deservedly so. I receive many books in the mail from publishers and PR people, and most have such generic, unoriginal content I can’t possibly recommend them. Life on Purpose, however, is a shining beacon of compelling content and unique ideas, concisely organized and well-structured. I have a hard time finding anything I don’t like about it, so I’d rate it 5 stars as well.”